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Because identification results show its DNA in blood samples appear in the victim nakedness, Lu’an City Shucheng rural high school teacher suspected of rape Hou St. pupils Jingfangxingju. However requalification Provincial Public Security Bureau of Forensic subsequently revealed that the victim did not appear in the lower body blood Hou holy high DNA content, Hou high holy soon be released.

Yesterday, Lu’an City Public Security Bureau responsible person Xinan Evening News, Anhui Network reporter explained that led to the identification of pollution due to experimental errors. For the identification of errors caused by a variety of damage to the party, they express our sincere apology, and will learn a lesson.

After restoring the reputation of the high holy Hou prepared to take legal means to safeguard their rights.

Evening calls

Beginning in 1984, Hou St. Shucheng Lu’an City High is a rural primary school teacher. He taught languages, mathematics, also served as dean, school principals and the central leadership positions such as General Director, but never left the table three feet teach.

In 2008, he felt older, and then back to a primary school close to home, in front-line teaching.

Originally thought, to stay for another year or so, he will be able to retire from the doorstep of this school. But in the evening of December 8 last year, a call to break the quiet life.

“Hou, easy trip to my house, looking for something to discuss with you.” Caller ID is a strange number. But the other said after the nearby village of Fang Ming, HOU high holy know this person, then replied: “! There anything said on the phone, I was too busy at home.”

Fang Ming did not say, Hou St. high they hang up the phone. Half an hour later, Hou high holy see there is a missed phone calls, or Fang Ming calling. St. Hou high back in the past, the caller said: “I have been infringed granddaughter, and she said that you did.” Hou high holy heard furious, accusing Fang Ming “frame” “framed” on the phone.

A DNA identification

That morning, Fang Ming had to play outside, he suddenly received a phone call saying his wife, 12-year-old granddaughter Fangfang nakedness blood. Fang Ming hurried home, two elderly people in the inquiry,hogan outlet, said to be the school’s Fang Fang Hou (Hou High St.) get. Subsequently, he and his wife have put hospitals and Fang Fang Hospital of Shucheng to do two checks, the result is a lower body with blood, “may have been violated.”

9:00 that night, Shucheng County Public Security Bureau police rushed to St. Gao in Hou. “I is not afraid of the shadow oblique, set with Aozai tell them to go to the Public Security Bureau.” April 13 afternoon, Hou High St., told reporters.

Public Security Bureau, the police asked him in detail the previous week’s work and life, denied himself for the high holy Hou Fang Fang implemented infringement. The next night, because of insufficient evidence, the police will be sent home Hou high holy.

After a day at noon, Hou high holy man saw a meal to Fang Fang, a closer at the man that Fang Ming, he stepped forward to question in the end is how it was.

“I also feel a little guilty, may be the granddaughter of a mistake.” Yesterday morning, Fang Ming told reporters, “Public Security Bureau again later survey, several teachers demonstrate their day at noon and Hou together, he did not commit a crime time and space. ”

But after two weeks of December 25th, the matter appeared twist.

That morning around 9 o’clock, the principal went to the classroom door, the high holy Hou attending classes called out, “Let us come across the police station.” To the police station, Hou High St. Another police car was quickly brought Shucheng County Public Security Bureau. He knew, when asked the last time, the police extracted from his fingertip blood components, is also found in Fangfang nakedness.

Have identified the victim, there is an important DNA evidence, the police criminal detention him.

Police apologize Lu’an

Hou High St. detainees, relatives rushed to Hou, son far too rushed back in Zhejiang. We do not believe that the Holy Hou High capable of such a thing, the most important decision as evidence, they require requalification DNA.

Last December 31, the police in the detention center to re-extracted high blood Hou St., together with Fang Fang’s blood, lower body together to wipe Province Public Security Bureau of Forensic DNA testing. January 9 this year, the preliminary expert opinion given is the provincial Public Security Department, Fang Fang Hou no lower body wipes holy high DNA content. The next day, Hou High St. from the detention center was put out, police surveillance of their residence.

After half a month, Lu’an City Public Security Bureau DNA laboratory tests found again, consistent with the Provincial Public Security Bureau identification. Shucheng County Public Security Bureau for further investigation found that the facts do not exist, he decided, “the suspect should not be held criminally responsible” and to withdraw the case.

Why DNA identification mistake? Lu’an City Public Security Bureau official explained that the process for the first time in the DNA laboratory, the wipes and Hou Fang Fang nakedness high blood holy place of the short distance, plus the two substances tested interval is shorter, “And high blood Hou St. relatively fresh, it is likely to be volatile in the wipes, and pollution caused by DNA test results to experimental error.”

The official said that the inspection process for the mistakes and deviations caused by a variety of damage to the party, they sincerely apologize, and will learn a lesson, more detailed and accurate inspection and appraisal work to do every time.

Currently, relevant departments are Lu’an City and Hou High St. discuss compensation issues. (Chinese Ming Wen, Fang Fang pseudonym)

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