VSI sand making machine has unique advantages to meet customer needs

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At present, vsi sand making machine has become the building of sand and gravel aggregate professional production equipment, production of products can better meet the brownstone standards, has been recognized by the majority of users with excellent performance and high production efficiency. As the leading sheep in the manufacturing industry, the production of VSI sand making machine, cone sand making machine, sand blasting machine can meet the different needs of different users. Below my company expert consultant for you detail the advantages of sand making machine:

1, high crushing efficiency, has finely, coarse grinding function;

2, the use of crushing cavity material impact angle, with the wear parts of less friction, running cost is low.

3, through the non crushing material ability, by the material moisture content is small, with high moisture content.

4, the whole material through the impeller crushing technology, broken performance excellence, compared with the same power of traditional equipment, production and more stable.

5, has the function of plastic, the product is a cube, the packing density is big, the grain shape is good, the gradation is reasonable, the fineness modulus, can adjust the needle sheet content is extremely low.

6, the main shaft bearing with dilute oil station for circulating lubrication, oil pump, can guarantee the continuous supply of the main engine, can realize automatic control and accident alarm.

7, the roof through the hydraulic system to enhance the operation is simple.

8, product packing density, iron pollution is very small.

9, automatic detection, safe and reliable, set up the vibration display and alarm device, if the device has a bad run, can be issued a warning, to protect the purpose of the machine, to avoid the occurrence of accidents.

10, production operations, stone can form the bottom of the protection, the body is no wear, durable.

11, a small amount of easy wear parts with special hard wear-resistant material, small size, light weight, installation, maintenance convenient, easy to replace parts.

12, the structure is novel and unique, simple and reasonable, stable operation.

Sand making machine as with market potential sand production equipment, since the 20th century, widely into China has been widely used, and with the continuous development of science and technology of the people’s Republic of China, performance and quality has been very good promotion, in today’s market to the majority of users of all ages. Under the situation of today’s social development and infrastructure to carry out the sand making machine get better use value, which is widely used in mines, metallurgy, water conservancy projects, railways, highways, airports, refractories and other engineering industry and has been recognized by the user. Technology in progress, heading for a higher level, sand making machine manufacturers must also follow the pace of social development of sand making machine for better technology to get promoted market continue to accept, to get more long-term development.