Wave Litton Open New Silver Recovery Plant

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Zhitong financial December 12th news: one of Europe’s largest base metal and precious metal mineral company — Swedish wave Litton (Boliden) Company in the flag of Kokora (Kokkola) zinc smelting factory opened in silver (17.64, -0.45, -2.49%) recycling plant. The zinc smelting factory in Finland. This $33000000 investment recovery plant will annually produce 25 tons of silver. With the current silver price calculation. Wave Litton can be the new plant investment money back in three years.
In 2012 April, wave Litton started extracting silver from zinc concentrate project. The new plant will produce silver concentrate (Ban Chengpin), which will be sold to silver refining factory.
Polly Don Keke La general manager Jarmo Halonen (JarmoHerronen) said, “the new processing plant is very important for the wave Litton Kokora, because it will improve profitability and material handling efficiency. Will the silver concentrate is one of the wave Litton Kokkola most valuable by-product.”
Day Kokora silver recovery factory large scale grinding mill machines for sale opened is also wave Litton 90 anniversary ceremony.
Wave Litton CEO Lennart Afolel (LennartEvrell) said, “90 years of experience and knowledge based on wave Litton has achieved strong competitive position. Kokora silver recovery processing factory and the expansion of Jiapan Berri zinc silver with artificial crushed sand making machine a consistent strategy for us, and we hope that will maximize the metal and the by-product of the production of raw materials utilization.”
Polly Don Keke La is Europe’s second largest zinc smelting factory, annual output reached 315000 tons, pure zinc and zinc alloy is the main product. Polly Don Keke La is the world’s first to concentrate by direct leaching process in refinery. Kokora’s main products are mainly sold to the European steel industry, after also granite quarry crusher for sale be applied in automobile and construction industry. Half of the world’s silver production was applied in electronic and electrical industry, but also includes other photography and jewelry industry use.