ways to choose the suitable ultrafine grinding machine

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In recent years, the mill used in more and more fields, for example, non-metallic minerals, chemical raw materials, advanced ceramics raw materials, processing precision abrasive etc., can be used as ultrafine mill for processing, but the face of ultrafine grinding machine type variety, how to choose it, standing in the user angle to simple analysis on how to choose suitable grinding machine.

At present, there have been more than 100 mills of size and flour mill. In the face of a large number of mill equipment manufacturers, how should customers choose? This is a problem for the user. Among them, ultrafine mill is widely used in metallurgy, building materials, chemicals, mines and other fields of mineral products grinding process.

The enlargement of the range of grinding machine brings the gospel to the users, and also brings difficulties to the users. Because of the expansion of the scope of application, leading to a large number of manufacturers to produce ultrafine grinding mills and other grinding products, the choice of users buried obstacles. After years of summing up experience, the state machine has brought the gospel to countless users. According to the requirements of customers, we summed up the following matters, attack customer reference.

When choosing ultrafine grinding machine, we should pay attention to the following points: whether the machine meets the requirements of the fineness of the product, this is the basic requirement; secondly, whether it meets the requirements of production or scale. Mainly to consider the production capacity of single equipment, in order to meet the premise of production, the number of equipment as little as possible;

From the point of view of economy, the unit energy consumption of ultrafine mill is also an index of selection. The lower the unit energy consumption, the lower the product production costs, the greater the income. In the process of using, the equipment wear seriously is also an important parameter. The wear of the equipment will lead to the service life of the downhole equipment, increase the cost of equipment input, and affect the quality of the product. The equipment should be compared with the strength, material and abrasion resistance of the wearing parts in the selection of equipment.

In the selection of ultrafine grinding, it is necessary to remember that a good machine, its equipment supporting performance will generally be excellent. Moreover, users should choose simple equipment of process system, which will save many unnecessary links to our production and save production cost. We should also choose the equipment with good performance and simple process as far as possible, which has guaranteed production.

Now, environmental protection is more and more important, so environmental indicators can become long producing many machinery industry standard, so, as a user, we should choose the dust emission, noise, environmental protection and labor safety and health standards of the equipment, the response of policy.

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