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Material too wet or too dry will influence of Raymond mill operation conditions, of the Raymond grinding mill itself affected, even the grinding operation are not normal.
Raymond mill grinding materials is very extensive, cement, limestone, clay, coal and other mixed materials etc.. These materials with its moisture content is not the same, some of the moisture content is too high, some of the moisture content is too small, the two poles of the Raymond mill operations have certain effect.

1, the material humidity is too big. The material contained in the water is too large for the Raymond mill has a lot of influence. The primary materials of high humidity, long time in Raymond mill inlet will constitute a block representation. In the process of grinding material, if the material is too high, the material will be directly attached to the grinding body, lining board above, so that power will fall.

If the moisture in the materials is too large, then in Raymond grinding cylinder high temperature environment will transpire, which makes Raymond grinding barrel body has a lot of water vapor, also on the grinding body appearance adhesion some small particles of material, production of power also will more and more low.

2, the material humidity is too small. Material is too boring, then in the Raymond mill speed quickly, this will present channeling run rough surface grinding and affect the product quality.

Such a specification needs moisture content of Raymond mill material, we find some water specification material:

The shaft kiln clinker is less than 1%; the gypsum is less than 10%; mixed material is less than 1%; the clay is less than 1.5%; coal is less than 3%; the limestone is less than 1%. The other on the drying and grinding of Raymond mill, feeding water or control in the range 5%-8%.

The humidity of material for Raymond mill production, is a very important factor, control the moisture content of the material not only makes Raymond grinding smooth production, but also to a certain extent, to ensure product quality.