What are the factors that affect the grinding of ore milling equipment?

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In recent years, with the rapid development of national economy and modern industry, the demand for ore milling equipment is also growing, the fineness of milling equipment requirements are getting higher and higher, in addition to the performance of the mill itself , In the grinding process, the hardness of different ore is different, which will directly affect the difficulty of grinding and grinding fineness.

In the ore milling production line, are generally equipped with crushing equipment, can be broken on the bulk of the material in the grinding, and thus the size of the broken material will also affect the fineness of grinding, the work must be broken system supervision to ensure that broken Uniform size of the material, and the finer the better granularity, to avoid uneven size of the material and affect the performance of ore milling equipment.

The blade will directly affect the working performance of the equipment, the blade wear, the relative amount of sand will be reduced, resulting in grinding fineness thicker, if the blade wear badly, will directly affect the life of the grading machine, thus affecting the grinding The overall performance of coal. So at work, be sure to regularly check the blade wear, the timely replacement of wear and tear leaves.

In the production of grinding, we must regularly check, pay attention to the correct operation of the production, to avoid affecting the fineness of grinding and mill performance, it is recommended after the purchase of coal mill also have a clear consultation to clarify the equipment performance, Affect the fineness of grinding factors and daily production operations need to pay attention to the problem, so that the correct production, safe production, so that the value of the mill to a large degree of play.

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