“What does the old imperial concubine want to do

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dress Su the green Lan etc. person to will outside be stained with the clothes of snow to take off, this just lead several people to go in.

Su the green Lan see on going in the mansion cure just at to old celebrate an imperial concubine to make a diagnosis and give treatment, the in the mind specially worries, “mother imperial concubine, you how?The body can have what unwell?”

Leaf’s mama saw and quickly stopped Su green Lan, “two masters, don’t worry, mansion’s curing is making a diagnosis and giving treatment and roast fire first, in case lead the algidity on the body to old celebrate an imperial concubine is in the body.”

“Is also good!”Know mansion’s curing is making a diagnosis and giving treatment, oneself makes a noise, will influence a mansion to cure, the Su green Lan lightly walks to part, from a distance looking at old celebrate an imperial concubine, the in the mind is a misgiving very much.

“Daddy, don’t worry, just leaf’s mama isn’t to say, the grandmother is an old disease to relapse, believing that the mansion cures will be good good processing of!”What does the old imperial concubine want to do?So spend a long time of make her mother come over, this is why?

The scene that carefully observes this inside in the house, the Su orchid Zhi didn’t also discover what’s wrong of place, have to strengthen a vigilance, in case what affair.


Wait until a mansion to cure finally is to come out, Su green Lan quickly asked in the past, “the mansion cured, can the mother imperial concubine be what is up?”

“Mutually the Ye trusts, the old imperial concubine is just old disease to relapse and plused to blow breeze today, so have a fever, the tonight needs someone to closely stay by the side to decline heat for old imperial concubine, if burned to draw off tonight, that was free!”

“That can I see a mother imperial concubine?”

“But can,Men’s Nike Air Max 2012, however the old imperial concubine Xie descended at present, mutually Ye still in a soft voice order like!”

“Thank mansion for curing!”

“The grass people goes first to prescribe a medicine and waited for a second to boil herbal medicine to drink for old imperial concubine again!”

“Good!”Lightly walk into, lookinging at an old imperial concubine the abnormality of face is red and dizzy, Su the eyes of the green Lan in being getting more sorry and ashamed is full.

It all is him, let the mother and child really be subjected to many bitternesses for these years.

If isn’t him, mother these

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