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Importance of Installing Security Systems for protection of people and their property it is necessary to observe security measures. Even though in the old days security guards provided an element of protection, we can say that their eyes and ears are not extensive enough to provide an extensive watch of the overall premises they are allocated. This is now where cameras within CCTV can actually play a very crucial part and have been reducing their trust for security guards over CCTV cameras. A CCTV security system has several components in order to make it complete. There are connecting cables, digital video cameras, display monitor and other accessories. Wired and wireless CCTV make the two categories of a CCTV security system. Therefore, CCTV plays a great role in achieving good security and has been adopted for both home and commercial use. It is important in the following ways. Employees protection. Mainly this applies to the employees who work in the customer service. In their work they serve different kinds of clients. There are two different categories of people that approach customer care, the polite ones and the ones that seem rude or violent. The violent rarely shows their traits to the customer server when they notice the CCTV cameras. Related to this, we could say CCTV also encourages good behavior. Like for example offices with CCTV cameras will have no or very little misconduct. A boss would use CCTV in employee offices to reduce sluggishness and laziness. Increasing customers’ confidence. Customers in offices or banks tend to feel safer with the presence of CCTV than without. Their confidence is build up and the can be free to talk or walk. Court cases are reduced too. Criminals are warned of risking to be caught and punished by the sight of CCTV cameras. This therefore reduces the possibility of a crime.
The Path To Finding Better Alarms

The Path To Finding Better Alarms
Crimes are easily solved with CCTV cameras. Evidence of a criminal case can be easily retrieved in case a criminal offence occurred. And so when the investigation begins the images and videos recorded with the cameras are retrieved and the suspect will be known. Since there is strong evidence, justice can be easily done and the criminal punished for their crimes. Cameras offer 24hour security service which makes the work more efficient. Unlike human security guards that can ask for seek off days the camera is better since it works throughout. Alarms could also work hand in hand with CCTV cameras. Alarms help prevent unwanted cases like going to unwanted regions in a bank. Going to unauthorized regions makes an alarm ring alarming the security of a wrong done.

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