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Municipal Urban Management Bureau headed Guoshu Liang, deputy party secretary of the Discipline Committee Li Guojun and deputy researcher Han Ju Hung, deputy head of the Office of the master Ren Sukui heating charge of the company administrative work,woolrich bologna, to fulfill corporate responsibilities,barbour homme, Han Jialiang presided over party affairs.February 18,hogan, the party committee decided to study the Urban Management Bureau of Qinhuangdao, Qinhuangdao Beidaihe removed INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING Water Supply Corporation, party secretary, general manager, Sue Quebec was officially appointed as the general manager, Han Jialiang as party secretary, deputy general manager.Yet at the same time involved in the prosecution of his brother”Is indeed the case in February this year to do a before and after hundreds of people involved in handling the case was, a few months on the transfer Procuratorate,jordan pas cher, and soon.” Qinhuangdao City Commission for Discipline Inspection.

“but 120 million yuan, 37 kg of gold and other statements from the Commission for Discipline Inspection,tiffany outlet, These we can not confirm that because the case is still investigation stage, the final figure may be different. ” According to Qinhuangdao Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection cadres introduced in February of this year investigating the case, then focus on the handling of hundreds of people.History of the most corrupt section-level cadres?According to “China Daily” reported that the case is November 7, Hebei Province,christian louboutin sale, central inspection teams to implement corrective feedback notified mobilization cum warning education conference.

regular supervision and investigation of irregularities, etc.,tn, on the existence of irregularities, should be ordered to immediately stop the violations, and rectification, refuses to rectification or rectification is not in place, it should be given, respectively, depending on the seriousness admonishing remarks, reprimand, suspend until health classes and other programs or commercials aired serious treatment, exposure to the community.Yesterday, the Xinhua News Agency as “Hebei strong fight corruption: 10 months from the filing 14,christian louboutin for cheap,808 cadres at or above the county level investigation of 238 people” in the title, reported the corruption discipline inspection organs in Hebei Province, which refers to “a city of a bribery, corruption, misappropriation of public funds. ” Hebei’s Procuratorate stakeholders south are reporters confirmed the news, officials involved Qinhuangdao Municipal Urban Management Bureau,christian louboutin cheap, former deputy researcher,parajumpers homme, former general manager of Beidaihe INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING Water Supply Corporation.

INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING water supply system in operation for many years, almost a “tyrant” market rumors There are gangs of their background,abercrombie paris, when he spent a swat away.Beidaihe Water Supply Corporation officials, who said that had worked with INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING, indeed years ago, I heard their gangs and other issues, but did not inform the relevant information on the organization. About 120 million yuan came from other issues, the official said, prosecutors are still investigating, the company does not acquire the relevant information.According to the Southern reporter learned that the day of February 13, Qinhuangdao Municipal Urban Management Bureau held a party committee (enlarged) meeting, informed of the case, and decided to set up a temporary leadership group Beidaihe Water Supply Corporation.

Hebei province’s discipline inspection organs require a lesson, learn a lesson from the case . The official was quickly dubbed the network “in the history of the most corrupt section-level cadres” in the title.November 12 to 230 yuan / gram of gold prices, 37 kg of gold worth about 850 million. Qinhuangdao second-hand house prices was about 6800 yuan / square meter,christian louboutin soldes, assuming that all of the 68 suites Qinhuangdao ordinary second-hand housing, in order to calculate each 70 square meters, is worth about 32.4 million yuan. In fact, according to the Southern reporter learned that these houses than in Qinhuangdao, at least in part in Beijing, and Beijing’s housing prices will have more than five times higher.A few of the water, “a tyrant” could MafiaINDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING Beidaihe in Qinhuangdao Water Corporation Company as manager for many years,christian louboutin shoes, Beidaihe Water Supply Corporation was founded in 2011, as general manager INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING. The company Qinhuangdao City Authority subordinate units,barbour paris, state-owned enterprises. 2012, was appointed INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING Qinhuangdao Municipal Urban Management Bureau deputy investigator, deputy department level for the post.Beidaihe Beidaihe District Water Supply Corporation is responsible,air max bw pas cher, Nandai tourist resort, Beidaihe District of daily water because Beidaihe special geographical location, the company is also responsible for the central leadership summer,louboutins, safe water supply work and foreign tourists, and its predecessor, ten consecutive years been assessed “Advanced Unit of Summer” is. Existing staff of nearly 200 people, a total length of 167 km water supply pipeline.Beidaihe Water Supply Corporation responsible for the Southern reporter, said last night,parajumpers femme, INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING is February 13 morning Qinhuangdao City Commission for Discipline Inspection has been taken away from the company. It is understood that the matter was shocked the entire Management Bureau, a staff of anonymity, said it was the largest in the history of the case on the council.

a staff member involved in the investigation of the case last night on the Southern Reporter said to disclose the specific case, because there is no prosecution.Southern reporter learned that the investigation, and INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING while his younger brother was also involved heavy horse population. Two years with the water supply system in Qinhuangdao,hollister pas cher, Qinhuangdao when INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING Water Corporation Beidaihe any manager, any group heavy horse Shanhaiguan zone manager.