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but also from the National Day parade Let’s talk, to clarify his views. He said: This parade reflects both the international and domestic well. But I say that there is a defect, is eighty people to review the troops, is itself a flaw. “This shows that the aging of our top military leadership, this state does not change.” A 80-year-old who reviewed the troops, the situation in the armed forces in the world is probably not just this one. He said that this situation does not allow that to be in my period as chairman of the CMC, for solving the problem of aging of our senior leadership. This is something to offend people,woolrich bologna, “I’ll offend it, do not put this contradiction to the new chairman of the CMC.” I hope the comrades they should not be left to later human contradictions.About Army “swelling”, Deng Xiaoping said: “The words of the swelling nearly a decade has been a major problem of our military.” This involves the judgment of the international situation. Even to the outbreak of war, we have to swelling. Swollen, is reflected in our ability to guide the war is not high. He retorted: “virtual fat can fight?” Then, he explained: boxers body is heavy, but not empty, empty it can not be boxing. I have said before,barbour paris, we really swollen war broke out, is to run anti-ran not win. Indeed ah. “If the real war should break out,cheap christian louboutin shoes, like we are now the senior leadership bodies bloated state, impossible to do a good job directing.” He combined his own in the war decades of life.

This article Source: Communist Party of China News, Author: Song Yijun, original entitled: “Deng Xiaoping years grinding sword: From 1975 proposed military” swelling “in 1985 led to millions of disarmament”November 1, 1984, Beijing,hogan outlet, bright and spacious conference room, senior PLA officers gather together,chaussure louboutin, are participating in the CMC forum. We happily, talk with the National Day military parade,peuterey, held a month ago (which has for many years did not hold). When people talk about the parade hit the “Hello Xiaoping” banner, expressing the people’s sincere support of Comrade Xiaoping, the calm demeanor of Deng Xiaoping,doudoune pjs, “Reduction of troops and improve the quality of the armed forces” as the theme.

two years to complete it well. Because “our military has a feature that is fast action, there is the traditional thing.” Of course, also linked to streamline the personnel system reform, is just that, to mention a group of young comrades to leadership positions, old comrades to give up some positions, no this will not do. To be sure there is one, is to dismiss some of the major military commands, retained six, seven. On the basis of the reorganization of the army several times, and then cut one million posts. This is a magnificent but decisive decision-making! It means that the total number of people on the highest point of the army after the founding of new China’s slashed in half. This army will be a huge change. After only six months on the development of the army cut 100 million restructuring program streamlining and reorganization. Three years later, Deng Xiaoping millions attrition major strategic decisions about the victory achieved.Ed Newspaper Jinan,barbour paris, March 31 (Reporter Xu Jie) “Small Yeah it Kojiro, carrying a school bag.” March 31 in the morning, sitting in the classroom Jinan Wei three-way primary,air max pas cher pour femme, the Jinan 102-year-old the old man finally realized his dream of a continuation school for decades, although the first class only a short 23 minutes, but it is Ma Xiuxian 102-year-old man walked into the classroom for the first time in life …31, 8:20 am, Wei three-way first grade class of 36 students quietly sitting in a classroom, they are waiting for the first 37-year-old Ma Xiuxian students –102 elderly, this class is a language lesson, Yan Xu language teacher at the blackboard on one side write “Welcome horse Grandma” words.In accordance with the agreed latitude three-way primary school hours,giubbotti woolrich, 8:30,hollister france, white-haired old man with bag.

said the war by directing flexible, agile now what ah? Therefore, “a look at the cost savings,barbour france, improve the quality of its army from a watch must swelling. Is war relatively early arrival, they have swelling. No swelling and can not cope with the war.” Swelling mention how many years, but with little effect. Less people now is to more savings, the poll expenditure savings, improving our equipment, more importantly,tn soldes, to improve the quality of its army. War is not to be so, war come,scarpe hogan, too,moncler outlet online, should improve the quality of its army. So to make further reductions, reduced by 100 million people. Because reduced by 100 million people can be enough to cope with unexpected events.So, our military swollen Where? Deng Xiaoping’s phrase: not primarily in combat troops swollen,abercrombie france, “is mainly swelling in leadership at all levels, the headquarters of the General Political Department of the first three people a little less, but also a little swollen, they have to cut, cut limited wants. mainly the General Staff, General Logistics Department. branches can not say no swelling. ” National Defense is now so large organization, this is not called swollen ah? Then our large military, each of which is “small, hepatobiliary evil”,giuseppe zanotti pas cher, was more than incredible. Therefore, the “swelling mainly headquarters, divisions and major military commands. Minus one hundred million people, I am afraid that most people cut from here.” While reducing the efficiency of these institutions after will definitely improve. At that time, our military thriving prosperous weather will actually occur.Deng Xiaoping know, these days through the discussion, the participants are reduced to 300 million in favor of this proposal. First,air jordan femme, it is necessary, and second, there is no risk, benefits abound. He hopes to use two to three years to achieve this decision. Preferably not more than three years, the prolonged negative. A year and a half.