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Zhengzhou, Zhumadian companies qualification, has to buy more than 300 green Shangguan million “ephedrine diphenhydramine.””Drug-related molecules tend to have higher IQs, they are familiar with the police investigative techniques, in order to seize them, who can not afford to think on several kilograms of meat is immune!” Investigators Nierong Ping frankly, secondary wood long has yet to arrest the opponents too cunning.In Changting County, Fujian Province, police found called secondary wood long people have 19,woolrich donna, but after a closer look, they found each of them are not looking for the investigators,outlet hogan, “Chung wood long.” After repeated comparison, verification, investigators eventually found the secondary wood-long real name called “Zhong Jian Chang,chaussure louboutin pas cher,” This person strong anti-detection awareness, he used phone cards, bank cards have ten or twenty,zanotti pas cher, and the ” expenditure “, which uses a bank card to pay when you buy goods,felpe hollister, sold goods to collect the money for another card.Zhong Chang Jian has four “offline” sales channels,barbour, both one-way communication, and there is a strict hierarchy restrictions. He usually covert action,giubbotto woolrich, several police officers to put a “dove.” Investigators spent two weeks in changting before its capture. As of the end of September,woolrich italia, Rao cool, drug-related and other 21 were all arrested (suspect Lu Feng, other three people at large, drug trafficking Ping Tu Xuan died on the way)Why crack down under, still desperate criminals? Wolong District Procuratorate prosecutor ZHAO Xinqiang said.

is an economic development zone in Myanmar’s Kachin State,hollister homme, Kachin armed forces controlled by the local people. In early 2013, after the two sides signed a ceasefire agreement, has become the second economic zones in western Myanmar.August 4,tiffany gioielli, Longchuan County,giuseppe zanotti, Yunnan Public Security Bureau in cooperation, investigators came Central Economic Zone, one by one casino investigation, eventually Shangguan Gun arrested and escorted home. August 12, just returned Nanyang investigators turn Cao Zhong Shanghai sales manager for a pharmaceutical factory in Henan captured. It is understood that with Hubei, Jiangxi Province.

and improve the relevant procedures of the seller. Shang Chen Lingyun to mention a dollar a bottle of medicine commissions and give Chen 20,000 yuan activity funds.Find a qualified “sources” had enough “money.” Shangguan Lingyun IKEA has found Lijiang City Hospital “in charge” Shangguan green to blue 5.6 yuan per bottle to Shangguan commissions, let Shangguan green for pharmaceutical companies looking for qualified and improve relevant purchasing procedures. In order to seize the tree “cash cow”, Shangguan Lingyun Costly, has more than 40 million bribe Shangguan green.Dong Benxi escape, escape the “hunter” eyesEarly August 2012,zanotti, Shangguan Gun hear “wind” after leaving quietly came to Myanmar central economic zone. Maija Central.

mainly because of high profits, the allure of big, subtle and strong,woolrich outlet, lighter punishment (according to the case involving the number containing ephedrine, can be sentenced up to 10 years in prison), coupled with the market management confusion, fatigue and Drug Administration regulation, so Zhang Jun,giuseppe zanotti femme, who made a legitimate form of trading behavior is more rampant toxic substances.With the in-depth investigation, and the other three from a chain hedging ephedrine compound preparation of “major case” has been revealed.High returns, since the implementation of multi-drug-related crimeAccording to the Wolong District Procuratorate Deputy Attorney reports, the case involving 25 suspects who Shangguan green, Shangguan Gun is the main character, who through six individuals qualified to solve the problem of funding problems and medicines, according to the criminal gang plan,hollister shop online, they weave a large network for making drugs illegal trade.In mid-April 2012, Shangguan Gun came Chifeng City, a pharmaceutical company to find Chen Fei. Sa Chen Fei instructed the clerk to find the wind and Shangguan Lingyun Yang Chi signed a “contract seller” Shangguan Lingyun get the contract,giuseppe zanotti homme, sent to Nanyang Shang Qing Zhang Jun, signed the contract to purchase contract. Then, Shangguan Gun then this aspect of the purchase contract mailed to Chifeng salesman Yang.In Nanshan Town Changting County, Fujian secondary wood long wait, after receiving notice of Shangguan green, respectively Lu Feng, four people raised 2.9 million yuan, together into a bank account by Shangguan Green Bank, Shangguan Green will 1.44 million yuan loan taken out,hollister outlet, stored in Nanyang City,outlet woolrich, a pharmaceutical company’s accounts, by Zhang Jun in the name of the company will be paid import Chifeng aspects of pharmaceutical companies account.After the funds have been received.

according to Chen Fei Yang Nanyang clerk assigned areas “purchase contract” examination and approval procedures. In early May, Yang rented a truck to 400 “eliminate cough rather” to David after the German logistics company.