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can cause depression. “Even if there will be a strong man ‘depression-ridden’ symptoms, but usually no more than a week,barbour soldes, you can restore self-regulation.”External and have “heart disease”Deputy director of Changchun City Mental Hospital, Dr Yan Lijuan told reporters,tiffany anelli, depression generation, mainly hereditary,abercrombie soldes, biochemical factors,tiffany milano, social factors and environmental factors that lead to physical illness.Jilin each hospital department depression severe depression treated patient showed severe patients mainly in 25 to 49 years old and 50 years old to 70 years old age of two.

with a significant and lasting depressed mood as the main clinical features of depression in patients with mental illness in the proportion is growing. “Every day in the outpatient reception of consultants, among them, 2% would be severe depression.” Engaged in the treatment of mental illness for nearly 20 years, said Li Xuesong.According to reports, mental illness,abercrombie outlet, depression is the most common form, but unlike psychosis. The highest prevalence of depression abroad may account for about 10 percent of the general population, and the prevalence of women than men.Points severe depression, moderate and mild. Where the severe clinical depression distraught,chaussures christian louboutin, low self-esteem, depression, pessimism,hogan olympia uomo, especially with symptoms such as suicidal behavior, the need to implement drug treatment. “China now has more than 20 million people each year with severe depression and suicide.” Secretary-General of the Association of Jilin counselors said.Moderate depression in medicine also called dysthymia.

after coming to the hospital every day to shut himself in the house,hogan, do not communicate with people,christian louboutin femme, do not want to see anyone, total wanted to commit suicide. “It has been a year of rehabilitation is very good.” Cao Lihui told reporters.And Chen Aisong different, 45-year-old Bai is also a patient with depression, but she did not commit suicide behavior. Corning Hospital in Changchun City, she has been off treatment for 2 years,hollister felpe, and now she will still be silent for hours, motionless, looking out the window.”I can not find a suitable laid off from work units, 40 years old, has no children, elderly people, let husband and I divorced. I had a lot of pressure, and often could not sleep, do not eat into the meal, every day in tears. “Bai said, one day in-laws forced her to get a divorce, she put all the family huff smashed the whole thing. “Her family took me to the hospital.”Corning Hospital, vice president, told reporters in Changchun Li Xuesong, Bai and her husband have been divorced now, due to not open the knot,abercrombie, so still in the hospital for treatment.Reporters learned in the investigation.

host Cui, internet Marshal Zhang et al. In fact this mood disorders has become one of society’s most common mental illness.”Whether it is a child, adult,tiffany anelli, and everyone associated with depression may meet by chance, it’s just a cold emotional.” Engaged in the treatment of mental illness, experts say, can prevent depression can be treated, not no cure for spiritual cancer.Imprisoned in their “prison”When Banyuetan reporters in Changchun City, Jilin peaceful mental rehabilitation hospital to see 25-year-old , did not see that she is a patient with severe depression. Chen Aisong calm and gently tell her story to reporters.”My home is in rural areas, 17-year-old work outside the home. A year later, the mother due to cerebral hemorrhage requires a lot of money, my day working two jobs and still not enough to use at home, I was feeling like a home ‘bottomless pit’, how to make also filled up. “Chen Aisong that no one concerned about her family.

is a type of affective disorder. The disease in more than two years, depression, low self-esteem self-blame, think alive boring, no suicidal behavior. “He did not commit suicide, is sometimes feel alive boring, but it also requires psychological counseling and medication. Baiyan belong to this type.” Li Xuesong said.”Everyone will have mild depression, depression is actually.” Li Xuesong introduction, mild depression is a normal psychological range,tiffany firenze, today most people are in sub-health,abercrombie firenze, like temporary psychological imbalance,air max pas cher pour femme, such as layoffs,nike air max 1, unemployment, divorce, job pressure large.

she often one person in the room secretly crying. “Every day is not fun, feel too useless,moncler outlet, just want to end their lives.”Chen Aisong attempted suicide initially selected, each time secretly cut, cut a lot of times, but also a lot of blood, every mown on the wrist wrap with gauze. “Once again a deep cut over, but did not die to.” Chen Aisong out his wrist, the reporter saw a channel knife prints. “I do not think wrists, then self-immolation, and I put firewood lit, the results of their house and the neighbors houses are burned down, my dad put me out.”Changchun tranquility Psychiatric Rehabilitation Hospital said is typical of patients with severe depression, have a clear insight.