woolrich outlet said Areva boss promised to come back to put the wagemail

all the way north to ride,woolrich outlet, they arrived in Beijing is the 30th station. Small yellow from the backpack and pulled out a map of China,tiffany roma, there is a purple color pen marked above the line from Guangzhou to Beijing,abercrombie pas cher, winding north to reach the places are marked with small yellow circle.August 17, the first night in Beijing, Xiao Huang girlfriends sleep in a house shared with people, because home late, woke up living with roommates, the contradiction is not good to go downtown shelter. A few days later she’s a girl sleeping in Wangjing apartment, 60 yuan a night’s accommodation for her is not a small expenditure.Recently, the Guangzhou Railway Station outage news for small yellow, very anxious. Huang said, more than a month out of her homesick, and want to see the flag-raising ceremony, an early ticket home.Beijing News reporter Li XueyingLens 3Fast food restaurant three or four years to liveZero yesterday, McDonald’s Wangfujing commercial street, the 24-year-old Wang super soft chair to sit eating fries.

holding a migration card accounts Jiecun wanted to settle down to three, then residents account can not be directly transferred into the rural household, the results of work in the village six or seven accounts did not fall. “Later,mulberry outlet, Lu uncle has no ID card nor a shelter,barbour paris, the “West Railway Station, South Station, I have been to Beijing Railway Station, bath go, cheaper than hotels.” He said he had a son, divorced followed by the ex-wife, he did not want to drag his son has been reluctant to disclose their rented basement truth.”I wanted to have an identity,cheap christian louboutin, but also to find a job, I have plenty of it, will be the manager.” Lu uncle said.Areva: flower stem savings, people called back to his home in CangzhouLu uncle eat two bowls of noodles, 14 yuan, 7 yuan Areva also eat a bowl of noodles, but to eat a bowl. Lu uncle for Areva, said: “You do not live my light and spacious, these three days,moncler sito ufficiale, I used to sit diagonally watching you, you have trouble.””Yes there are problems, tangled.” Areva shy smile.Areva did not return home for 10 years of Hebei Cangzhou. Before follow the trawler fishing in Dalian,Giuseppe Zanotti, two years after the boss does not give wages,parajumpers homme, Areva and workers reported to the maritime court did not want to pay. Have two years to go to Tibet to build roads, high altitude very uncomfortable,barbour pas cher, insisted for two years, said Areva boss promised to come back to put the wage-mail,moncler pas cher, the results cheated,parajumpers femme, “Tibet so far,red bottom shoes, there are altitude sickness, recovery of wages will give up. “Areva last five years working in Beijing, four years in the hotel, earned more than 20,000 yuan,scarpe hogan, he bought himself an Apple phone. Just got finished on a serious illness, did spend their savings.Areva odd jobs during the day, call it a day there at night to see this work nearby KFC,cheap louboutins shoes, they settled overnight in the nearby.Speaking to media reports, Hubei Keung and children lived in Kentucky more than 50 days to do.

in the window of a small yellow high chair sat play phone, and occasionally look at the side of his head covered with a jacket sleeping companions.Small yellow and lobular ALICE from Guangzhou. They also have a companion small side, sleeping with relatives. 3 people appointment in the morning to see the flag-raising ceremony in Tiananmen Square.Stood on the bar in front of a black and green two bags,louboutin soldes, stuffed stuffed. Huang is a sophomore from Guangzhou, her high school girlfriends studying in Beijing, said Beijing’s cultural atmosphere very much like to stay in Beijing to work. Small yellow summer before the final exam will be made up his mind to go to Beijing to see.3 Mix July 15 from Guangzhou.

Areva said: “?. Is not that KFC Hujialou I’ve seen them, really poor,barbour france, you should help them,nike air max femme,” he said. He lived in a lot of KFC, seen a lot of the night, some carrying large bags, but they will not get in a word, “the old man a lot, as well as mental disorders.”A few months ago, Areva lost identity, go through the need to return home, but he did not want to go back, “who do not have a penny, ye have face back.” Lu uncle for Areva, said: “got to spend the night here, there our own responsibility. “” Yes, I abandon myself. “Areva nodded.Beijing News reporter Fanchun XuLens 2″After reading the ticket to go home as soon as the flag-raising.”Yesterday morning, at a distance of less than 2000 meters to the east of Tiananmen Square in a McDonald’s store.









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