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actually possessed sneaked over the wall behind women Ms Dong village alone at home, up to no good, middle of the night frightened seeing Ms Dong, instinctively fight back and defend people shouted. In desperation, Zhu not only did not give up, but the angry victim’s home on the property were thwarted by the house, and bedding with a lighter ignited the victim’s home in the bedroom, and then the house lockers, million yuan in cash and other items destroyed. After committing the crime,woolrich outlet, Zhu Chenzheyese quietly escape.Day of the incident, the victim received a report, the Public Security Bureau police organization Gangu rushed to the incident to the on-site survey, visit. After police investigators timely Paimo, 8 o’clock that night,hollister roma est, the suspect arrested Zhu. Under questioning, the suspect Zhu himself confessed to the crimes.Recently, a young girl squeezed sugar cane juice for customer photos online crazy pass. Because pure sweet appearance, the girl in the photo was friends known as “cane beauty.” Yesterday, the girl’s father told the Chengdu Business Daily reporter, said his daughter Hsuan (a pseudonym) and therefore do not want to be famous, just sit safely live; Hsuan not “beauty”, just a sensible, considerate parents college students.Beauty selling sugar cane juiceClosed its users’ cane beauty “February 5 in the afternoon, friends “Pig Man 6” Kettle Creek impression on Zigong forum post, said a girl in Zigong Oriental Plaza, production, sales of sugar cane juice, the tall figure, pure and sweet looks attracted many customers. Post has been issued.

but only to stab the wrong object, harming his girlfriend with bedroom partner. But he does not wake up, hijacking girlfriend confrontation with the police.

but a sensible, considerate parents of college students. Chengdu Chinese Commercial News reporter Yuan WeiRelated LinksInventory of popular network of Sichuan,hogan outlet, “beauty”Squid beauty: Diao Han Jing, a student at the University of Electronic Science and Technology, the road construction business in Chengdu, a company called “Sun Kee stone baked” squid shop,parajumpers paris, because fair-skinned,manteau pjs, look fine, sweet smile, is called “squid beauty.”Fried beauties: Southwest Petroleum canteen staff, looks exactly like Gillian, Fan Bingbing, friends called her canteen changed in the past by a group of “Aunt canteen” occupied situation, bring a bit of novelty for plain boring college life.Tea beauty: Zhang Jing tea shop in the corner of Sichuan river safe campus commerce company called “juice juice excellent taste” became popular when selling tea. Many alumni have fond memories of Sichuan her smile.Take food beauties: Shao Jing, from the vicinity of the Red Road,christian louboutin pas cher, Sec double gate sub-Street restaurant business risk, a minor celebrity in the periphery. Shao Jing beautiful white, were the guests called “take food beauties.”(Original title: Zigong “cane beauty” became popular on the show she was winter break for students to earn money to help theirDue to be reconciled with his girlfriend,giubbotti woolrich, Loudi man Hongyan Yang knife sneaked night dorm girlfriend want to die.

her husband eat drink, that is her greatest comfort.Gangu molested a woman not angry villagers set fire to houses jingfangxingjuTianshui News newspaper (Reporter correspondent Cheng Yanping Wang Lanfang) September 5,barbour france, the reporter learned from the interview when Gangu County Public Security Bureau, the town of Gangu County Anyuan villager Zhu molested because Ms Dong village women left behind not, actually set fire to the victim’s home in angry property. At present, the suspect Zhu has been Gangu police criminal detention.According to police investigators, August 27 at 1:00 pm,hogan milano, after the town of Gangu County Anyuan River Village,doudoune pjs, 44-year-old villager Zhu villagers while sleeping machine.

it attracted thousands of users attention,hogan scarpe, we have expressed their appreciation and praise for the girl, saying she is “cane beauty.” Photos can be seen in more than 7 1 meter tall girl, long hair flowing, same good, positive apron, wearing cuff, seriously squeezed sugar cane juice for customers.In addition to praise the beautiful girl, considerate parents, but also have friends that this is a speculation.From elementary school danceAttending the Shanghai Theater AcademyAfter the “cane beauty” popular network, many people are attracted to the purchase of sugar cane juice, only to see their style.11 o’clock yesterday morning,woolrich donna, Chengdu Chinese Commercial News reporters Lai Dao and Zi Gongshi Oriental Plaza, see the “cane beauty” father of Chen Shi (a pseudonym). For daughter Hsuan popular on the Internet,woolrich outlet online, Chen Shi (a pseudonym) is not happy,outlet hogan, but some frustration. Chen Shi said that eight years ago,hollister shop online, he and his wife have been laid off, in order to earn a living, opened a tea shop. Hsuan very sensible, since junior high school started, use the holiday to the store to help. The annual Spring Festival, the store staff shortage, the whole family goes to the store to work.Chen Shi told reporters, Hsuan, now 21 years old, 1.74 meters tall, she studied dance since childhood, in 2010 admitted to the Shanghai Theatre Academy, is currently busy with his thesis. “We do not want to be famous, just sit safely live.” Chen Shi said,chaussures louboutin pas cher, the family there is a 7 year-old son,louboutin pas cher, who thanks to a tea shop for their livelihoods. The popular network, and not too many feelings Hsuan,hogan, just hope it will not affect their normal learning and life. Chen Shi finally said, her daughter is not what “beauty”.