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we come to find people wearing shorts wet.” Recalls fellow, “Now look at a road, a bridge, a river, but the water that night too throughout a large area full of water. “Luo Jin toilet must pass through the bridge is a two meters wide,woolrich prezzi, makeshift bridges, no guardrails on both sides, “If the bridge had guardrails, there is a mark, even if we do not familiar with the road, you will not be out of the water ah . “talk with folks. However, in the river every few tens of meters there is a striking yellow warning signs that read “water depth dangerous, do not close.” “This is just the day before yesterday established.” Folks confirmed.Luojiao Fu couples on this bridge to heart, “If there is a fence, the child might be all right.” Blow the mind, so that the couple sleepless nights, lost a big circle.Wanted to test to Beijing to accompany their parents”He grew up honest,hogan scarpe,http://bbs.dnsir.cn/thread-10791-1-1.html, introverted,http://bbs.on023.net/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=96154,louboutin homme pas cher, but particularly sensible.” said that the child is the third time in Beijing.

Hu crash just because the addition of suicide, do not want to butt, he has also taken the emergency brake, the car parked on the road diagonally.Because the wedding convoy blocked the car behind did not know what happened in front, ranked fifth Zhuhun BMW car did not move for a long time to see the team a little anxious about the driver from the left lane super want to see what came up, only to exact Hu additions mind.Hu additions Zhengchou no goal,http://zazna.com/selection/index.php?item/create_form/1, there is a look at the oncoming car,soldes hollister pas cher, and adjust rapidly reversing direction, bombers rushed up the throttle. The other does not feel the situation quickly brake, but it was too late, just listen to “boom” sound, Hu additions van crashed into the front of the BMW car, BMW car was pushed back,christian louboutin femme, under the van hit the front windshield broken,tiffany milano, Hu additions fall unconscious in the cab.We saw a car accident, the police have to get off. After 120 police arrived, the police will be 120 people with the addition Hu lift off. Hu wake up anyway reluctant to accept medical attention, desperately head hit the ground and shouted: I just want to crash, let me go die, you will not save me. 110 police arrived and found the addition Hu Department of drunk driving injuries, Hu additions will bring to the hospital for treatment. BMW car badly damaged after the impact, the insurance company valuation loss of about 300 million yuan.(Original title: commit suicide actually drunk driving hit a wedding car arrested the suspects because of endangering publiGender: MaleAge: 17 years oldID Number: 340825199410144315Residence: AnhuiFound Location: Village of Dongfeng Chaoyang Xinzhuang TownshipReason: drowning (drowning)Looking at some photos phones only remaining son Luo Jin.

Luoxiao Fu couple hiding in the 12 square meters of rental secretly tears. “Yeah,collane tiffany, he was 17 years old.” The couple broke down in tears. July 21 rainy night, Luo Jin go to the toilet,moncler outlet, never to return. The next morning, villagers in southern Anhui river 50 meters downstream of the village found the remains of Luo Jin.Rainy night never came back to the toiletLuo Jin,http://bbs.jzst8.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=1423421,tiffany outlet, 17,chaussures louboutin soldes, Anqing Lake County town of Poplar Amitabha village,christian louboutin femme, high school in his hometown,hollister france, parents working in Beijing. After the summer holidays, Luo Jin July 5 to Beijing to find their parents. Reunion is a happy event, I did not expect, a rainy night, but tore the hearts of their parents.Luoxiao Fu usually to repair kitchen utensils for a living, Dongfeng Chaoyang Township Xiaoxinzhuang rented 12 square meters house, go to the toilet will be through a bridge, to reach across the toilets. 21, at 7 o’clock,http://www.xiantuzhi.com/news/html/?5265.html,scarpe hogan uomo, the rain is under too anxious, Luo Jin out of the toilet,louboutin, and never came back.Such a long time, Luojiao Fu anxious, and fellow rain search more busy to 1:00, or failed, he called the police. One night, the next morning, the waters receded, he found his son in the river wearing slippers, “is definitely out of the river.” The thought here, Luojiao Fu collapsed to the ground,, was strapped to fellow back the house. While, folks ran into the hut: “Children in the river downstream to find …”Flooding but no bridge guardrailUnder the leadership of fellow reporters yesterday came to the river,hogan interactive uomo, the village is actually a drainage ditch, the water less than knee. “But that night was amazing ah, the water no more than half a meter over the bridge.

to the Chaoyang Park looked, then there hiding in the hut book. Suddenly one day, and said to go out to work to make money,tn, “sensible child, he saw me and his mom is hard, then said to go out and make money.” Later, Luo Jin really find a stall when the waiter may have just done two day, it is gone forever.Kim also has a brother named Luo Luo Lin, just graduated from college this year, looking for a job in Hefei. Brothers difference of 5 years old, but no talk about anything. “He likes basketball,http://www.gruot.net:87/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=13478014, like watching NBA. Not long ago called, his brother said in the future to test to Beijing.” Luo Lin said,tn air max 2014 pas cher, in fact, is the younger brother is not easy to know that parents in Beijing, wanted to test to Beijing,hollister femme,http://demo.eshunjian.com/baike/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=290054, mainly to accompany their parents around.Speaking of his brother’s sensible, Luo Lin also some sad, “Mom and Dad are not easy to make money, but also to see his brother in his heart.