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drove a few million a racing motorcycle, dressed. Conversation, he lied to the staff he was not bad money, and tried to brag about economic strength, let the staff mistakenly think he is a second-generation rich. Eventually, Yemou with a fake ID to rent a garage in February this year, the car was purchased CRV.After the car arrived, Yemou CRV car driving license in accordance with the names on a piece he made a false identity and forged motor vehicle registration certificate property. In a small loan company located in Jiangbei, he handled some simple procedures,woolrich prezzi, smooth car collateral from the loan company cash of $ 100,000.After leaving Yemou, small loan companies will be parked downstairs, who knows police quickly on the door. The original car rental company found the car Yemou over time five days.

they have been unable to contact him, so at the end of September the police for help. Through various police investigation,chaussure louboutin femme, the final confirmation Yemou mortgage loan companies to small bike CRV car,hollister carugate, which he rented from a car rental company car.From the car to the mortgage,abercrombie france, Yemou are using false documents. Police learned from the investigation, the suspect was riding a motorized race, that he likes racing. After many visits, the police learned that the suspect nickname leaf,chaussure louboutin homme, little known in racing circles Chongqing,pjs homme, but no one knows his real name and home address.Through the relevant investigations, October 6, police finally identified the location of the suspect probably live. In order not to arouse his suspicions, the police posing as police community safety education to the residents on the grounds,doudoune parajumpers, from house to house for questioning. Just then, one wearing a racing suit, riding a race motorcycle,red bottom shoes for women, wearing a helmet as he passed, the police quickly stepped forward to be under control. So police think that the other side is actually opening the first sentence:. “I know to have been, on the other you come.”According to the suspects confessed Yemou, mortgage loan companies from small cars to get 10 million, he spent more than 40,000 to buy a second-hand game Moldova, as well as some professional equipment, has been running out. At present, the case is still detected.Chongqing Evening News correspondent Don Catalpa Renjun She shadoCao Jinqing: Chinese farmers have very reasonableCao JinqingBorn in 1949.

car rental,louboutin paris, mortgage cash 100,000 yuan to buy the game Mount equipment. 6, police arrested the person.According to reports,giubbotto woolrich, the suspect in the bank Yemou this work, there are million of revenue per month. Outside of work Yemou biggest hobby is riding a motorized race, and often participate in some underground racing, a minor celebrity in the circle. However, after his girlfriend broke up, Yemou quit his job banks. Saimo price from a few million to more than ten thousand dollars, and equipment is relatively expensive, unemployment at home they want to buy a new car Yemou thought to money approach.He came to a car rental company.

and then a little bigger, the township’s liberal community.

See step by step how to set traps liarPublished online rental information and publish telephone, lured renterAfter receiving the renter phone,barbour jacket, falsely claiming not to Zhengzhou, to pay a deposit before the request showingsFalsely claiming handed the keys by others, excuse fear damage to furniture and other requirements renter to pay part of the rentAfter the trick part of the rent, handed the keys are required to pay the remaining rent to meet threateningSix months after receipt of the rent through a bank account, staged a “double reed” crooks no longer contactXie Jing Bao mapping(Original title: Wanted online, fall into the trap oChongqing Evening News as obsessed with racing, 90 wealthy people posing with a fake ID.

Zhejiang Lanxi people. Sociologist, expert on rural issues. 1982 graduated from the Philosophy Department of Fudan University, East China Normal University in 1986 and a master’s degree. Taught at the Shanghai Urban Construction College, now a professor at East China University of Social Sciences. His major works include “Modern Western Philosophy of Life” (1988), “On Equality” (1988), “contemporary village north of Zhejiang social and cultural changes” (co-authored 1995/2001), “Out of the ideal castle – China unit Phenomenon” (1997),cheap red bottoms, “China’s Seven Questions” (2002), “the Yellow River in China” (2003), “How to Study in China” (2010) and so on.The reporter from Shanghai Li HuaiyuAs the battle for intellectual bitterly about the occasion, Cao Jinqing laughed: “It does not make sense but the dispute about the study is significant because it is, after all, reflect the variety of ideas,parajumpers, thought is a social fact, is worth studying why. the formation of such a trend, this time why use such language to be expressed, about how many people will believe in this stuff, why not, in itself is a social research object. if they intervene in this debate, and I feel no sense. Anyway, all The doctrine,abercrombie pas cher, I think that is one-sided. “City let researchers powerlessCao Jinqing to study Chinese Chi life issues, especially rural issues known. This is closely related to his early life experience, 5 years old to 10 years old, Cao Jinqing grandmother living in rural areas. To read in high school after the age of 10, a year or every other year he would go to the countryside, “I am the countryside, farmers, land,hogan rebel, rivers and mountains, fields still retain a kind of intimacy.” After 10 years, Cao Jinqing to Shanghai, for buildings, roads, jammed strangers do not adapt, he had a strangeness to the slightly larger city. He said: “If you want the study.

in general,louboutin pas cher, the county will not have to study, towns also, at this level can also villages, where life is relatively simple if a thousand people like Shanghai. metropolis,hollister outlet, thousands of people how to live, how to organize themselves, and you do not know what they want, what kind of job. city there is a huge sense of movement unfamiliar, from the rational level to control it, I felt powerless .20 century, four decades Fei put ‘community studies’,scarpe hogan outlet, with anthropological methods to study a community, his definition of community is relatively free of such natural village-level communities.