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during marriage debt repayment by Wu and Zhang Li together. Zhang Li refused to accept the Wuhan Intermediate People’s Court of Appeal. Second Instance Court found that, during the first trial, Zhang Li and Wu carrying children to travel abroad,woolrich prezzi, and their “feelings are not and divorce,” contrary to the views of the defense to prove that the two have the advantage of avoiding the debt divorce may be malicious. So make a final decision, dismissed the appeal and upheld the original verdict. � judges sayJudge handling the case described,pjs homme, the relevant regulations: creditor rights advocates during the existence of marriage the spouses to personally pay the debt on shall jointly by the debt deal. In this case, the absence of evidence that Wu is a personal loan debt, or its acquired during the existence of marriage property agreement is individually owned, Zhang Li to deal with the debt during the marital relationship continues to exist and Wu shared responsibility for repayment.Judge recommended that, when lending money to married persons, jointly signed by both spouses is best to confirm the promissory note, and try to pay the loan by bank transfer, in order to retain the payment credentials.(Original title: old friend owes more than 40 million couples do not have to play “flFather borrowed 165,felpe hollister,000 yuan to pay the bride price, after the woman’s family was opposed to the marriage money, Infeasible strangled fiancee in dispute,hogan online, and later died hammer “Uncle Brother.” Reporters learned yesterday, Infeasible Beijing Second Intermediate Court has been sentenced to death, commuted restrictions.Beijing Times Reporter Pei Xiaolan � case Dissatisfaction with the woman’s home Huihun murderNow 31-year-old Infeasible Inner Mongolia.

she smiled from ear to ear. For her, life is so simple, happy.Although physical disabilities, but Yueyang also know that my mother to give her medical treatment, put off stall worked part-time, suffered a lot, did a better life,scarpe hogan outlet, she knew owe too much in this life mother, and her mother agreed to come alive do mother and daughter, mother to repay the kindness.”Under a lifetime to repay her mother again.” While talking unwieldy and off, but she made it very clear words.A 20-year-old girl, so sensible, so strong, touching.During the interview, the reporter found that,pjs doudoune, although their home, penniless, but imbued with warmth,doudoune pjs, love between mother and daughter became a powerful support to live their faith, no matter what the future, they will calmly face.Changjiang Daily News Court: They may take advantage of avoiding the debt divorce malicious(Reporter correspondent Li Jing Tian Tian Jian Wang Pengfei) sitting on three sets of real estate.

where he had to see the bike in Beijing subway station. Second City Court judgment to identify,louboutin, the evening of 12 January 2010, in the Haidian District Infeasible temporary residence,hogan outlet online, because of emotional problems and 22-year-old live-in girlfriend of a dispute over the sea, the sea after a fierce pinch neck caused his death, and hiding the bodies in the well water meter outside the room.

but also to a variety of reasons to an old friend to borrow money,giubbotto woolrich, borrow up to 439,hogan outlet,000 yuan, a friend home the morning of the Trustee to collect debts they own in the afternoon with his wife divorce, old friends had to court. The court found that the defendant has a family of three with travel abroad during the proceedings, the court to prove that the divorce may have to escape debt, the couple shared judgment debt.When the money back is not superficial, but not dodging32-year-old Wu (pseudonym) after graduating from university in Wuhan, a university teacher, after December 2008 with his wife,scarpe hogan uomo, Zhang Li registration of marriage. The couple have three sets of real estate under the name, but one person alone Wu wages to support their families, he felt very difficult, they think of an old friend of Wang Ling (a pseudonym).It is understood that Wang Ling had no interest to lend him 164,000 yuan planning a wedding. Subsequently, Wu to children, the child is sick, do business and other reasons, Wang Ling looking to borrow money, she did not refuse, a few years, has lent a total of more than 40 million in cash. Wang Ling believes that Wu has 3 house,basket louboutin, they were not afraid of the money.March 2012,hollister online, Wang Ling Wu issued to a sign with his name always IOUs,hollister abercrombie, and states: from 2008 to 2010, Wang Ling Wu lent a total of 439,000 yuan, Wu Jun, May 29, 2012 all have clear. IOU in detail with 11 pen borrowing, indicating the time and amount of each loan.However,blouson pjs, the repayment period is up, Wu is not a perfunctory delay is seen dodging.Court sentenced married couple’s joint borrower must repayEvidence for the existence, in July 2012 the morning, Wang Ling, a lawyer-to-door to collect debts, but locked out. And the afternoon.

Wu agreement the couple divorced in the Civil Affairs Bureau. Aware of other malicious hide debt, Wang Ling then taken to court, requesting an order Wu Jun,parajumpers pas cher, Zhang Li jointly repay 439,000 yuan. Court, Wang Ling Wu admitted to the borrower is not yet, but denied a divorce is to hide debt. Zhang Li argued that she did not know the borrower behavior Wu, and Wu signed promissory note is that she should not bear responsibility for repayment.Court of First Instance to identify, Wang Ling Wu to borrow 439,000 yuan, of which a total of 261,000 yuan premarital 5 pen,barbour jacket, married six pens 178,000 yuan. Wu personally responsible judgment debt before marriage.