woolrich uomo Jingya’s father returned to his kids However

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head, face,woolrich uomo, neck, severe third-degree burns, the body burns up 12%. Through the local media, Xin Li Li learned misfortune, saw this little girl in the back, as a mother,tiffany orecchini, she is eager to do something for the children. In this way, she became the first small Jingya a “surrogate mother.”After small Jingya injured, her biological mother because it was too close Chung Ping pain and suffering from schizophrenia. Meanwhile,abercrombie hollister, the huge cost of surgery also allows the already extremely poor families worse. In order to give his daughter to raise medical expenses, small Jingya father Liu Xingwang in debt,barbour paris, while four had traveled to Zhejiang to work. The small Jingya were entrusted to the care of her uncle.Unfortunately,christian louboutin pas cher, her family and the difficulties faced by small Jingya let Xin Li Li difficult to calm, in addition to the hospital to visit the children often, Xin Li Li also frequented website posting, we hope to mobilize forces to help small Jingya. Xin Li Li did not think that their only recourse is to raise two small Jingya surgery medical expenses.

nostrils and mouth lost its original shape, leaving only empty, unable to close the lips,tiffany, occasionally resulting in saliva shed, only a pair of black eyes can be seen to belong to her children this age that some lovely,tn pas chere, has a clear and innocent.”Every one of ‘surrogate mother’ in efforts to make their own different ways, some to shine ,soldes hollister pas cher, some for Jingya soup, while others are donations.” Fang Li said. Xin Li Li in response to the beginning of the young mother a dozen people, but gradually,zanotti pas cher, little concern for more and more moms Jingya until 150 people. To this end, they opened a micro-blog, is called “attention Jingya.”Fang Li said that initially they collect donations online call sound was too unknown to the users questioned. But as we unremitting efforts, more and more good-hearted people lent a helping hand.Help the mother to overcome the psychological barriersEven with the donations,abercrombie milano, Jingya’s father returned to his kids. However, the “surrogate mother” are more promising,ciondoli tiffany, is Jingya biological mother can come to see the child.Small Chung Ping Guan Jing Ya’s mother after the accident the child will be plunged into extreme guilt and depression, which is unable to accompany her three months Jingya reasons. Zhong Guan Ping and can maintain a stable mood to see a small Jingya, the condition will worsen in Jingya she saw little painful now looks after that we were all doubts and concern.”Surrogate mother” who finally decided to try. They brought in a psychiatrist. 6 hours drive from Chongqing,hollister magasin, after we found the mother Jingya Zhong Guan Ping deep in the mountains in a humble log cabin.34-year-old Guan Ping Chung is a female good looks, but suffering the hardships of life and the fate of her eyes and slack free. In the psychiatrist and patient persuasion enlighten, shut off and Chung Ping tells its own over the years been suffering: her childhood lost loved ones,air max femme pas cher, knot three times married,chaussures louboutin soldes, her ex-husband had suffered beatings by Guan Zhong Ping … collar, can see her below the neck area has a great.

extremely hideous scars. Guan Zhong Ping said, this is when she was a child Roast fire burns.”For this reason also that she could not accept his daughter by the fire burns the reality of it.” Psychiatrist Qiu Si analysis. Excessive bumpy let off Chung Ping already physically and mentally exhausted,hollister pas chere, and when she finally thought I could and current husband live a quiet life and gave birth to a lovely daughter, a small Jingya encounter had her completely collapsed. “I really did not mean it!” Recalled his daughter the accident scene, Guan Zhong Ping cry muttered repeated.Eventually, Guan Ping Chung in the care of a psychiatrist out of the mountains and went to the hospital to visit her daughter Chongqing Southwest.After the reunion is still bumpy road aheadUntil the into the room, holding off Chung Ping psychiatrist’s hand still could not shake. However,doudoune moncler homme, when she saw the real daughter of the moment.

leaving more than 150 small Jingya get “surrogate mother” caring.Fang Li Xin Li Li is seen posting after joining the initiative of “surrogate mother”, without the slightest doubt and hesitation. February 29, small Jingya go to Chongqing Southwest Hospital for treatment,tiffany milano, but to this day Li Fang family nanny just new posts. Is to do your own thing or the first child Jingya busy little thing? Fang Li decisively chose the latter.”Before I first saw her, I thought he would because she looks scared. But then I went into the room, there is no fear,christian louboutin soldes, only distressed.” “Surrogate mother” of the generation Ya Qi said.Small Jingya situation so that every one who saw her feel sad: no inch of her facial skin is intact.