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we must be careful,” recently such a message, in a micro-channel circle of friends crazy turn. The effect that the way someone to sell you a telescope, you may want to take your cornea. This message is more mass the more thriller, and even micro-lovers say,woolrich uomo, encountered such a thing. Well, this thing is real? Evening News reporter yesterday to the various departments of public security,hollister, traffic police conducted a confirmation.This is micro-channel message is so described: If walking on the road, suddenly army green SUV parked in your car and then people come dressed in camouflage uniforms telescope, said about money a little money to help buy,hogan milano, do not go see,red bottom shoes for women, because the consequences are serious. When you focus on, there will be a catapult out of the injection needle into your eyes, then they will put you away.

and the presence of those who have had a few brief exchange, then pour land, issued twice moan not move. said that when police arrived on the scene, not the death of his father, and identified the four batterer, then let the police deal with the elderly home blood on his face,louboutin, and then to the police station to be interviewed.20, the reporter learned from GAOTANG police,zanotti pas cher, Chen Chun before his death last year identified the four individuals, with “Chen Chun was negligence causing the death of people,” filed on November 6, the cause of death pending autopsy results, is currently under investigation.Newspaper reporterDeceased had reported beatings partyIt is understood that the incident area of � he embankment is Yinji, Shandong Chen village,woolrich parka uomo, and later rebuilt village demolition of buildings, is now Gimje community gardens.Chen Chun Chen Boqing provided a written complaint letters in his lifetime, it was reported in the village collective seizure of farmland.

and the identity of confidential witnesses.Son Chen Chun Chen Boqing year introduction,woolrich arctic parka, which they posted the announcement of his father 76 years old this year,hollister italia, before the incident, a man living in this area. Chenbo Qing told reporters after about October 12, residential water and electricity to the father’s house, Nov. 2 pm father went to the property, did not think many people have been hit at least twice,hogan donna, and finally the south side of the cell in Building 5 killed.One witness told reporters, when the old man was hit,giubbotto woolrich, there are a lot of people in the field. “I saw five people, the elderly press down on the ground, kicked,doudoune parajumpers, hit twice.” This witness said that after the old man was beaten, his face with blood.Chenbo Qing brother Chenbo Liang,boutique louboutin paris, the same day around 15:10, he arrived on the scene, followed by 120 medical personnel arrived,hogan outlet, upon inspection,manteau pjs, the elderly have died, and issued a death report. Witnesses told Chenbo Liang Zhu, Chen Chun years after being hit, was hit from the scene riding a tricycle came to the south side of Building 5,louboutin red bottoms, scored Mazar from the car to sit down.

etc., have to sign the petition office staff to report material, dated October 27. Chenbo Qing said his father had hit the party who had been reported, this time beating incident is suspected of other deliberate retaliation.”My father’s body is also stored in the funeral home, my sister wanted to see his father one last time after,woolrich, do the autopsy.” said his father died that day, the third day of his sister had just given birth, she can not afford to be afraid, still without telling her .20 afternoon,barbour paris, the reporter multi-link beating party, but as of press time did not get a response.(Original title: a 76-year-old man was dead in the district after the fight)Ed”Emergency told: this has occurred in Shanghai.