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Reporter Yu Li

Drinking fountains subway stations in this is to facilitate the passengers to drink,peuterey uomo, you can surprise someone with a drinking water rinse bike. Yesterday, friends, “small drift beans” this wonderful scene sent to the Internet, calling everyone civilized drinking, love the subway station. Out of this microblogging, immediately attracted many onlookers and accusations.

Net exposure drinking water to wash bikes

Netizens have accused the reporter washing behavior: drinking water is not much waste Metro Group: Water passenger appeal civilization

Two nights ago, “small drift beans” in microblogging exposure two images: a man in the subway straightened dispenser edge,, then washed with water bottle folding bike. In this regard, the “small drift beans” was very angry,, she said:? “Subway,basket tn pas cher,, even drinking water for washing, and soon four or five bottles of water, a piece of wet ground,nike jordan pas cher,, when you do your home garden their homes with drinking water wash it? dress would really clean,mulberry outlet, spotless shoes, What kind of thing did it! ”

Reporters learned that Zhang bloggers, talk, and the scene that day, Zhang still angry.

She said that on the 14th at 9 am, she and her friends to take the subway from Tiger Optics Valley Springs. Elevator look, you see a man about 30 years old, is using drinking water to wash the bike.

The man first with a bottle of mineral water access drinking water, then poured it on the rear wheels. “I was there for five minutes waiting for the subway,woolrich donna outlet, before the man took a five bottles of water.”

Zhang said, many people go to him cast surprised eyes, and the man turned a blind eye.

Zhang said angrily, after washing water dispensers next to a large wet ground, “so do not civic-minded, and I have to exposed him.” So Sally will photograph sent to the Internet.

Netizens have accused washing behavior

“But there are still people with drinking water to wash a bike,piumini woolrich, really wonderful,” and friends “small drift beans” microblogging serve,moncler outlet, immediately aroused the anger of many users, have accused this behavior.

Netizen “Ah bad temper,” said that such behavior should exhibit a week in the metro.

Netizen “Moonlight workshop,” said God, I did not quality! Despise him!

Friends “are not afraid to work Ma Lei,abercrombie outlet online,” is that this behavior “is really a shame.”

There are friends in the microblogging bluntly, for this is no civic-minded people, should be fine,woolrich outlet, otherwise,, the future will use drinking water to wash other things.

Yesterday, the reporter in the online search found that the “Wuhan Metro up” Jin Yufeng microblogging rebellion also said that he had seen in the subway station a couple hand-washing with drinking water.

Reporters Survey: wasted drinking water is not much

Yesterday afternoon, the reporter visited the subway were Xunlimen Station, Zhongshan Park Station,abercrombie milano, Tiger Optics Valley Springs and four flow stations at larger sites, did not see anyone wasting drinking water.

Reporters saw,,piumini moncler, subway stations are set up every two drinking water areas. Each water areas are posted in conspicuous places have multiple Tips: Do not direct contact with the spray nozzle mouth; do not throw trash on the table straight drink; do not beat stampede drink straight sets; do not use drink straight sets wash; drinking water do not he.

Subsequently, the reporter interviewed a number of passengers,tn femme pas cher, they said at that time the subway opened, did indeed see someone with a drinking water to wash their hands or fruit, and now,, through the media and the Metro Group’s great publicity, this phenomenon is less than before Passengers can consciously abide tips.

For use drinking water to wash bike phenomenon, all passengers shook his head, said, “have not seen.”

Metro Group: Water passenger appeal civilization

Yesterday, many users reply, also questioned why the subway bike out there? In this regard, the reporter interviewed Wuhan subway operating company official.

According to the said, “Wuhan Urban Rail Transit passengers Code” provides that: prohibited weight, volume of passengers over articles stipulated in the Code, it will affect the rail operation order, appearance and environmental sanitation in public places. According to this provision, only smaller folding bike traffic subway.

It is reported that Metro Group expressly provided for drinking water, in addition to drinking,, but forbade him to use. The official appeal to everyone, the water is the source of life, to save water.

(Original title: a man with a metro drinking water to wash bike)