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special rectification action fake archives, now in a comprehensive investigation stage.Nanchang, and other places,zanotti femme, some analysts believe the group cadres, there are three main file false phenomenon tricky:One purpose is fraud as “promotion”, Archives of the most critical age,air max pas cher enfant, fraud and other grass-roots work experience,magasin hollister, mainly around the selection and appointment of cadres. Back in 2005, Nanchang Municipal Organization Department had a one-time audit findings cadre archives seniority, age, party standing “three ages” before documented 437 cases of inconsistency,hollister france, which involves serving 319 county level cadres.Nanchang Municipal Party Committee Organization Department, Deputy Minister Yang Xiaobo told reporters that they had found a section-level cadres to be promoted age fraud obvious logic errors. “Infer age on file, he was two years old already read the first grade.” SOUTHERN said.The second is the use of loopholes units transferred out of convergence and transferred between units.

transferring students to exercise in grass-roots work after two years, is likely to be merit-based selection and appointment. However,nike tn officiel, only 1 year and 3 months later, Xu Kai to upgrade from Fu Keji for Senior Staff.By the end of 2008, Xu Kai any Jingdezhen Personnel chief titles. In January 2009,Giuseppe Zanotti Paris, it served as deputy secretary of Anhui Province, Hefei group generally acclaimed by election. A well-known group of workers who work in that file false by Xu Kai won the 2008 nationwide public Hefei Municipal Committee of the electoral college eligibility criteria.According to the publicity at the time of Hefei,hogan sito ufficiale, generally acclaimed to be born as a campaign target after January 1, 1980. Xu Kai age existence in 1978 and 1980 versions. Xu Kai Masters student at Nanchang University published a paper during the show, he was born in November 1978. However,moncler, after he published papers show his birth as 1980. “Youth League to provide a false book, and then identified by the organization, is equivalent to a false age ‘legalization’ of.” An insider told reporters.Less than two years later, Xu Kai and from Yingtan, Jiangxi, Anhui repatriate deputy director of the municipal office,abercrombie femme, while sending as Guixi Municipal Committee; November 2012, was transferred to the municipal party secretary of the Communist Youth League of Yingtan, in December that year was elected to the Yingtan group Party secretary. “So provinces.

more frequent job mobility, can be done only in theory, ordinary cadres difficult to achieve in practice.” Informed sources said.Cadres file false,barbour paris, promoted around the peak,giuseppe zanotti, mobilization is “opportunity.”Xu Kai file false incident was not the case. According to the central inspection teams informed, since last year,parajumpers femme, have been publicly notified by visiting 31 provinces, there are 11 cadres files fraud problem exists.In response to this phenomenon, some local cadres began to explore the archives of fraud prevention “prescription.” For example, starting in September this year, Nanchang launch a four-month leave in the city’s history.

enrolled volunteer book fraud, illegal appointments and other issues basically true.A material organization departments show in June 2005, Kai Xu graduated from Nanchang University Law School graduate, was subsequently hired as the Organization Department of the Jiangxi Provincial transferring students, arrange to Jingdezhen City, Fuliang County Hongyuan served as deputy mayor of the town, Party committee, made civil servants.Xu Kai’s “career” From the beginning, there is a significant advancement life violations. According to the 2000 “Organization Department of the CPC Jiangxi Provincial Committee on transferring graduating Magna to grassroots training exercise notice”.

should consider the use of the network platform, to allow more people to get involved.In addition, penalties for illegal water units, the courage to set recommended the establishment of a negative list of illegal enterprises exposure to promote its correction. The excessive intake of operational aspects still need proof, “according to” Rules “,piumini peuterey, excessive water need to apply for a license, but in fact, do not apply for a permit to pay more water can be, so companies have no incentive to apply for a permit . “Ed8 years for a eight jobs, age, there are two versions – the original group Yingtan party secretary Xu Kai age suspected fraud, false books Youth League, behind the illegal appointments, etc., are some of the local cadres archives frequent incidents of fraud reality.8 years, 8 positions across five provinces,tiffany, a post office and a plurality of less than one year, a Fu Keji township cadres at the level group turned to the party secretary, the provincial CPPCC members also wear a halo .CPPCC Jiangxi Province has decided to revoke the alleged disciplinary group of former Party Secretary Xu Kai Yingtan, Jiangxi Province CPPCC members qualifications. After investigation and verification, Xu Kai suspected fraud age, enrolled volunteer book fraud,felpe hollister, illegal appointments and other issues.Recycling Youth League books, false age “legalization”September 2013, the Central eighth inspection teams feedback noted Xu Kai alleged “fraud cheat officer.” Jiangxi Province set up a special working group found that Xu Kai suspected fraud age.

“the city water supply, the key is to make water conservation awareness to implement the users themselves,christian louboutin sale, and the current pricing model,basket nike, the upstream water price adjustment can not be effectively driven end adjustments, to undergo a lengthy process, so it is best to establish a downstream price linkage mechanism,barbour france, so that the water resource fee to divert to the terminal. “Provincial People’s Congress legislative consultants, Guangdong Polytechnic Normal University law department in a given courage is more concerned about the planning of scientific. He found it impossible to maximize the extensive comments by traditional means demonstration will be held hearings.