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take the license and became a drawing board, starting in the morning, he did not pay attention.Yesterday around 9:00,zanotti homme, the airport is on the way high-speed traffic police brigade patrol, when there has been a strange van Nanjing lane towards the airport. Strange to say after the license refers to the original normal white numbers become colorful,hollister, looks truly beautiful,christian louboutin discount, but such behavior is deliberately defaced license plate, then to the toll station, the van was stopped. “You’re going after the license how?” Hear the traffic police asked the man drove a moment, he turned back to look, suddenly face smile. “This is my daughter should be painted in the morning when the bus did not find.”According to the man introduced.

the network will need to replace 210,parajumpers homme,000 yuan. Audi car insurance has expired, eventually after mutual consultation, Audi owners go to the bank raised 160,000 yuan in cash,tiffany milano, the scene lost money.For these cases,nike air max, the reporter to verify the traffic police to the area, has been confirmed.Luxury cars,moncler outlet, luxury cars have troubleNetizens said, treasure purse away from luxury cars. But never think that many luxury car owners also feel annoyed.Urban Fang 2002 spent nearly 500 million yuan to buy a red Ferrari sports car. However, such a good car, Mr. Fang has always parked it in the garage when the display, so far,red bottoms, 10 years,doudoune parajumpers, the car was opened less than a total of 30,000 kilometers.Fang have also very helpless, he said, is the first good car parking trouble. You need a specialized driver wait, because a good car too bright,moncler, parked on the roadside, it is easy to encounter “unexpected”, once, he drove to the bank to do something before leaving more than 10 minutes, even after it was put in his car Mirrors to break, throw in the car next. Later, another mirror spent over 50,000 yuan. Unprovoked bankruptcy no problem.

but also parts sent from abroad, for good until it took a good few months …Wenzhou Wong doing real estate business, the end of the year before, he spent thousands of yuan to buy a Maybach. Last year,nike air max femme, Mr. Wong drove a car Maybach and scratching occurred, police found other full responsibility, Maybach left side of the door slightly sunken and leave streaks, and have bent the bumper on the left side,nike store, then the preliminary valuation maintenance need more than 60 million.”The other owners of the third liability insurance for 30 million,parajumpers femme, the remaining 30 million to be the owner of his own pocket. A maintenance fee to be so much, he said he had no money. We have no idea,barbour, drag and later only take the legal route,escarpin louboutin, but even win the lawsuit,barbour pas cher, to be enforced, and the other money. “Mr Wong said, a few months later by the other owners of privately acquaintance asked him to help take care of. Taking into account each other’s economic strength, Wong eventually reluctantly agreed, and results of the other spent more than 20 million, only the most basic maintenance.(Reporter correspondent Lam Chi Yin Tsung Cheng MYangzi Evening News (Reporter correspondent Wang Guo Yipeng happiness) license colorful fonts you seen it? This does not, yesterday morning appeared on the airport highway,hollister outlet, because there are defaced plate behavior,louboutin, traffic police stopped the owners of 200 yuan and note 6 penalty points. This result, owners can not help but seem endless grievances, according to its introduction, the night before her big fat Italian painting.