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a very important signal that this World Internet Conference issued, is the Internet should be open and cooperative, its share,zanotti pas cher, cohabitation, need Each country participating in the Internet become equal members.”We say that the world becomes flat, a very important reason is that the Internet was born. China is willing to co-equal members of the Internet as a shared governance, in cooperation with other countries to jointly safeguard the network development and security,giuseppe zanotti sneakers, the maintenance of peace and prosperity in the world.” Li said,barbour france, “Only we equal participation, consensus,mulberry bags, in order to form an Internet everyone can consciously abide by the rules.”For Fadi “Internet Conference held next year if” questions, Li Keqiang said that if there is more and more internet users are willing to participate, the Chinese are willing in principle to convene the General Assembly every year.Facebook vice president Li Keqiang InterruptedChina Internet Association Wu Hequan focuses on the Chinese to develop “Industrial Internet” is important. He said that for economic transformation in China, the Internet industry is an opportunity and a challenge. Government should support and encourage the development of cloud computing.

600 million people access through mobile phones and other mobile terminals, as well as the construction of more and more people to join them to the Internet,moncler outlet, has brought huge consumer market, but also offers numerous opportunities for entrepreneurship and platform for innovation. “More importantly,woolrich milano, the Internet round the dream of many young people develop their career, let them enjoy life while working online, while creating wealth, while the realization of the value of life.”Li said that the Internet is not only a job,air max one, learning tool, but also a way of life,moncler, a lot of people have the habit of thinking because the network may change.”Also appeared on the network in the past we have not used a lot of words, like what point praise.

encourage enterprises to take the lead release data, and reduce the barriers to entry in some industries,outlet peuterey, to make the Internet more in-depth industry.”The US auto industry Tesla is not a traditional sense.” Wu He Quan said,christian louboutin discount, “If someday Ma entered the automobile industry, could give the industry greater vitality.”Li smiled: “Academician Wu Hequan statement indicates that the government has to do a lot of ah!”He scene revealed himself after stroke forum that went Geely visit, which coincides with the Wu Hequan recommend “how Internet companies and industry cooperation” coincide. Here, the Prime Minister on the spot to the Internet participating “big brother” who issued the invitation: “Internet companies responsible person here if you wish,moncler, we can provide convenience to go with.”After the forum, Vice President of Facebook, Vaughan Smith really came Geely “Interrupted” the Prime Minister. “Able to visit the auto plant,nike france, I feel very excited!” He told the Prime Minister said in English,barbour homme, “after the visit, I really think we have a lot of things very promising.”Direction of development of the Internet as well as cloud computing.

big data and Things”I have eaten in many years ago Want snow cake, and today is also opening a fragrance!” Cai Shao, president of communication and when Want Media Group Taiwan, the Li said.Venue sounded a laugh. Cai Shao highlighted in his speech when Want Media Group in cooperation with the mainland media, traditional media and the Internet effectively to explore the advantages of integration, the development of new media to try and make the two sides hope to strengthen media cooperation. Li smiled and praised his leap from the food industry to the media industry,christian louboutin paris, “itself shows your innovation.””We will seriously consider your proposal,hollister roma est, and very happy to see you and the mainland media have been some basis for cooperation,” Li said.Hoffman, founder of LinkedIn site to the Prime Minister introduced the use of big data,moncler outlet online, infographics, etc. services business, personal exploration. Li said: “The development of the Internet is not only the direction of e-commerce, as well as cloud computing, big data and things Chinese and foreign enterprises in these areas can exchange dialogue and cooperation, I believe you will have a bigger market in China.”Qualcomm chairman Jacob told the Prime Minister in his speech, the company in the mobile Internet, semiconductors, Internet equipment, and all the Chinese enterprises to carry out a wide range of in-depth cooperation.”I can also help you to add an example: the development of China’s CDMA ye also gave strong support.” Li said, “Opportunity Qualcomm in China is far greater than the challenges faced,cheap louboutins shoes, even with the challenges, I believe that soon there will be solutions . “The Internet is one of the greatest inventions of mankind!Exchange, Li Keqiang emotion, when 20 years ago,tiffany, Chinese access to the Internet, I am afraid that no one thought that the Internet would be today so profoundly affect China’s economic and social development and people’s lives.He said that China now has 700 million Internet users.