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chief reporter PROCEEDINGS), a small supermarket was strangled in the supermarket, millet phone and counter she holds the change of 100 yuan coins disappeared. March 9, reporters from Pingliang City Public Security Bureau was informed Kongtong occurred in Pingliang industrial park this case has been solved, the suspect was actually a middle school student.At 22:30 on March 7 Xu, Pingliang forty Town Industrial Park on Miss Cui A female owner of a small supermarket entrance to the village, was found murdered. Kongtong Public Security Bureau survey found that the murder victim Ms. Cui Gaoping District,moncler, Nanchong City, Sichuan Province village of Phoenix.

she was named “national moral models” “top ten moral model,parajumpers paris,” “top ten filial character” and “Contemporary Chinese New Filial Piety.” said these honors and government at all levels, care and support of the community, gave her great spiritual support, leaving her belief that “good people must be rewarded.”Zhang Jianxia now actively engaged in various social welfare activities,christian louboutin outlet, with their own experience to tell you, your parents are happy thing. “I hope humble heart, with love to warm more people around.Jiaao an old pair of traditional large padded body “first line” add up to less than hundred dollars.

but his name is no wonder in Fuxin Mongolian Autonomous County. This is not because he has more than 40 buses, operates a number of passenger lines, not because the boss has been thrifty live, but because nine so he named Hope Primary School, and his annual subsidy of one hundred poor students. Fuxin County, he was general manager of Chenbing Yan Tai passenger.December 7, the reporter went to the passenger Fuxin County Shun Tai Co., Chenbing Yan’s home in a corner of the small building for the rest of the staff. In less than 15 square meters room, only a TV, two beds and lockers. “I have 73 years old this year, and older,nike store, living in a big house waste, this hut lived at ease.” said.When he talked about all these years,christian louboutin paris, “Poverty assistant” charity,air jordan, Chenbing Yan smiled and said, “I am a farmer, Shashi Hou can not forget this.” He told reporters that the family was poor childhood.

March 2008 Town and forty three clubs on a village a village wedding,abercrombie fitch, the same year in September at the entrance to the village A management ” People supermarket choice “So far, and lived in the supermarket. After the autopsy,abercrombie, the victim Sheng Qianxi others after being hit with a blunt head and shoulder strip portion with a soft class Shengsuo Le neck caused by mechanical asphyxia death,tiffany milano, police analysis technology is more likely to judge, the alleged minors. At the same time, through on-site investigation, suspected of committing the crime tools kettle wire and a length of about one meter long bamboo pole. March 8, 15 am, police eventually locked Jiajiyu Moumou secondary school students have a major crime suspects, and in one fell swoop.Under questioning, the suspect confessed truthfully Moumou evening March 7 due to the purchase of goods and deceased Ms. Cui altercation,tiffany roma, and then tussle with the infusion of sand hitting Ms. Cui bamboo, until the loss of ability to resist, with Kettle After fleeing the neck wire Le crime scene. So far, the police only 16 hours from the murder will quickly cracked.(Original title: Supermarket Shopping altercation school students strangled fem(Reporter intern reporter Mei Lei Jun Sky) to save a 12-year-old with leukemia Shanghai boy stuff (a pseudonym), Xiaogan College sophomore Tian Qiang telling his family in Beijing twice donated blood stem cells (this newspaper reported July 9). The day before yesterday, after receiving school nutritional supplements given 8000 yuan,christian louboutin discount, Tian Qiang spot that you want to donate money to turn stuff.July 8 and 9, the field strength in the Air Force General Hospital, a total of 115 ml twice extracted hematopoietic stem cells. The same day,giubbotto woolrich, the stuff of hematopoietic stem cells and then injected in vivo. It is understood that after the stuff condition improved bone marrow transplant.

nor read the book a few years, ever since vowed to try to make more children like him have a book to read. 20 years, according to the oath that he did, according to incomplete statistics, in terms of poverty alleviation assistant, he donated a total of more than 1400 million.2000, Fuxin County investment, has a modicum of success in the long-distance passenger Fuxin County to nur town lines and 42 bus buyout, to start a new venture. A money, he immediately thought of Hope Primary School was built. Paozi Bali Village is a poor town, village,boutique louboutin paris, school become dangerous, not on school classes, 172 students how to do? After know the news, Chenbing Yan will be sent to 50,000 yuan in the past. Starting in 2001, Fuxin County Chenbing Yan has built nine Hope Primary School.Chenbing Yan told reporters,mulberry bags, “The recent body is not very good, long time did not go to see those baby nur town.” In the afternoon,christian louboutin pas cher, reporters came accompanied Chenbing Yan nur 60 km outside the town center primary school,abercrombie, to see children playing,woolrich parka, he would Forget the tired, quickly stepped forward to ask the children’s learning. Principal Liu Baodong said: “Old Chen contributions to 10 million in 2009 for the school run from the classroom, so that these rural children also learned about the outside world.”See Chenbing Yan elderly arrival, he had funded the children have to go to him, and a little girl deliberately drew a greeting card to give to him, “Chen Grandpa, thank you, and so I’ll amount to anything, and I would like You like to help others. ” � reporter / MingFemale boss WASHINGTON (correspondent classes Bing Zheng Jian-li.