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the key is the government to respect the farmers, the farmers are given a variety of ways to make their own decisions. Some farmers want to venture into the city,abercrombie france vSuSz5LfSRC7dBwXwD, or the need to repay large sums of money, they will choose a one-time “settlement”; some people want to have long-term benefits,zanotti pas cher, it is felt that “bonus shares” is more appropriate. On the other hand,woolrich online EXEUwyDJpPz8mfK2SP, after the land requisition compensation increase,abercrombie milano, the government may adjust the income of farmers by land acquisition transaction tax,scarpe hogan, this tax will be mainly used for new rural construction and improving people’s livelihood.[2] Ye Xingqing view: the face of a one-time payment of compensation, many farmers lack financial management concepts and capabilities, leading to frequent some places Audi “lying black live”,sweat hollister pas cher NVAzPG4PHWgBrdruxK, “gambling Village” and so on. Shareholder dividends in a few areas of land have been the pilot,hogan outlet, should be timely promotion.[3] Dang Guoying perspective: In addition to the land income distribution,moncler outlet, there is a landless peasant social security problems. Government must spend part of the land to the landless peasants insurance benefits, job placement and other issues will have to take into consideration,hollister homme, the land “bonus” to give farmers more.[Comments] how to allocate land acquisition compensation, to hold the two bottom line: one respect the right of farmers to a variety of choices,tiffany, and resolutely put an end for the people call the shots; the second is to improve the security system of landless peasants.

must not be forced to engage in administrative or demolitions.[Comments] own cheese, how can we say that others move on the move? Land transactions repair law clearly dominant position of farmers,louboutin soldes, in line with the people, of course.Will push up prices?[Focus] Some worry levy compensation standards improve, land and housing prices will be “gone”, and then increase the “house slaves” burden,abercrombie paris, the result will not be like this?[1] Ye Xingqing view: There is such a concern.

The key is to give the rights of farmers with the local government, “bargain”,tiffany milano, and to determine the compensation standard through negotiations.[Comments] improve compensation standard is not only an economic issue,tiffany italia, but also social problems,tiffany outlet, because the land is not only a means of subsistence farmers,piumini moncler,zanotti pas cher yQgTAZHKOncOR1tELL, but also the means of production. Urban-rural integration has become the direction of reform, land acquisition compensation is still a urban-rural dichotomy,giuseppe zanotti femme, which exacerbated the income gap between urban and rural land “dual track” urgent reforms.Is “a place” or “steady”?[Focus], “people want to do,” is the way many local land compensation, this one-time compensation practices have been manufacturing a large number of non-farm land,hollister site officiel, work no post, no portion of the Social Security “three no farmer”, triggering a series of social problems. Exactly how the revenue allocation of land to meet the conditions?[1] National Development and Reform Commission views the city and small town center researcher YuanChongFa: You can not simply say what a better distribution.

to prevent the “three no farmer.”Farmers are able to clear the transaction subject?[Focus] in accordance with current regulations, land use rights owned by farmers, and property belonging to the village collective, in this “double body” system,hollister abercrombie, a strong “collective” often leads to landless peasants “were representative” or “agree.” How to respect the farmers’ land reform “voice”?[1] YuanChongFa view: the village collective land ownership is the virtual home of several village cadres to represent farmer? Therefore,sweat hollister pas cher PnOQfY1fkBw3W6to8S, the land has a right to contract farmers only real “property” attribute. Thus, the land reform should be clearly farmers as principal transactions. Functions should be reflected in the village collective land acquisition or transfer of “organized service” function,louboutin paris ztnm92afzPMP2AiAXE,tiffany,, it can not dispose of contracted land for farmers.[2] point of Peking University Law School Xi-Zn: You can stick the village collective dominant position on the land deal, but it does not harm the interests of farmers. Farmers’ land contract rights are perpetual renewal,abercrombie roma,, which actually restrict the powers of the village collective. In some places because the village collective land conflict with the farmers, villagers’ autonomy is essentially not really implemented.[3] Dang Guoying view: Some people oppose allowing farmers to become principal transactions, think that would weaken collective village, this dogmatism does not meet the requirements of market-oriented reforms. British Land is nominally the king, king of the sale contract you are looking for? Supporting land reform should promote.