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a body bones are creaking speak, you say what this fresh little girls? … “This article really it? Educators pointed out that writing was difficult to zero in fact, some “zero writing” was coined friends.From 2000 onwards,zanotti pas cher, the new direction of the college entrance essay proposition changes occurred. “The answer is a colorful” and “integrity”,giuseppe zanotti sneakers, “Select the soul,” “emotional intimacy and knowledge of things”, “happiness and way of thinking”, “surprise and makes sense” in the form of an open proposition … The main topic; proposition conception from the macro political and social hot topic, attention shifted to the individual itself,hogan, shining spirit of humane care; analytical ability of candidates to study focuses on specific issues.Language grade teacher for 40 years in the teaching work first line, he thought a lot in recent years, college entrance essay to write angle, test the student “miscellaneous” learning skills. Xu Zhao true entrance marking experts pointed out before,louboutin, the evaluation of candidates is the content writing to express two. From about 2000,abercrombie and fitch, the content of the expression is classified as “basic level of requirements”, score by 60 points to 40 points, while the “development level requirements,giubbotti moncler,” accounted for 20 points. The evaluation of whether a candidate has a standard development potential candidates is whether to show the talent, personality. Very novel idea, or language use particular literary styles, mood,parajumpers femme, or stylistic be innovative articles,chaussures louboutin, are likely because of his “special” to get extra points.The first stage(1977-1979)Main thesis writingStrong political overtonesAugust 6, 1977, Beijing. National Science Education Conference is still underway, in addition to 33 scientists and scholars from across the country, Deng Xiaoping also present. Associate Professor of Wuhan University, stood up and said the recall.

he had not been to class a few years, he has been going on for seven years calendar Chen “Recommended Admission” malpractice enrollment patterns is proposed should be reopening soon.

In that year’s college entrance examination Trader Zhang Xiong, this is the most difficult title charge essay question, because this topic candidates should not have to imagine themselves. The title comes from a professor from Guangdong’s recommendations. 1999 is considered a turning point of the year. If we say, 1998 to psychological endurance proposition conception, concerned about the practical aspects of students has been created,barbour homme, then, in 1999 essay, “If the memory can be transferred,parajumpers paris,” the transition to the essay topic.If the memory can be transferred “to the candidate brings not just imagination. Starting this essay,abercrombie pas cher, college entrance essay style began to loosen, “conception custom, stylistic choice, subject self” and “Three-Self” principles, it begins here. Prior to this,parajumpers pas cher, the main thesis writing and addressed to the material composition of the formatting and stereotyped,barbour paris, language teachers and even students have compiled a set of formulas to deal with.Changes exam candidates with personality traits change are closely related. In the 21st century, more than 80 college entrance examination,moncler, they individuality in lifestyle and way of thinking is more to pursue maverick.There are also some candidates essay dumbfounding. In 2006,air jordan 4, Jiangxi volume essay is “Swallow lose weight”,doudoune parajumpers, the material is said to grow swifts nest was about to leave, he must strive to lose weight, in order to fly. A widespread “zero writing” wrote: “I am the daughter of Aunt Wang swallow next door,barbour france, supposedly not too fat,hogan, with Liu’s alley, it is a ‘must have a waist waist to chest have chest … ‘Here, then I will not say too rogue. She can not know what is evil in the non going to lose weight. Although popular now what’ skinny ‘, but one with people like Sicko, three wind would not dare to go out.