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especially RealNetworks development platform, steering iTunes.RealNetworks case mainly around the “Harmony” technology. This is a temporary solution for the FairPlay DRM, allowing users to buy music through Real Music Store, and then play on the iPod. Then Apple released a software update, disable the content from Harmony’s.After Apple made the adjustment, RealNetworks again revised the Harmony, which allows music from the iPod through iTunes outside, but Apple released in 2006 iTunes 7.0 blocked again when Harmony. The plaintiffs alleged second major for Apple blocked Harmony, and pointed out that from version 7.0,abercrombie courts, iTunes has become the user can only use the online music store, which brings additional “replacement cost.”Will produce higher according to Stanford University economics professor Roger? Noll (Roger Noll) testimony, Apple’s policy does not allow users to download content on all players to play, leading the user to replace the iPod portable media player to the other when costs.Apple is said that in 2006,moncler homme coats, RealNetworks share in the digital music market has been less than 3%,hogan scarpe, so the impact is not as Harmony can produce as large plaintiff said. In addition, RealNetworks in 2005 to investors admit, Harmony’s presence could lead to the company being sued Apple.Case trial will be conducted on November 17, and Apple will be able to seek a settlement before that date.BEIJING, Sept. 10,hollister homme, according to foreign media reports,abercrombie vestes, local time on September 9, the United States National Transportation Safety Board report released said toxicological report shows the past 20 years, involving pilots of drug abuse rose 4 air crash times. According to the draft report shows that in 1990 only 9.6% of drivers after crash tests positive for drugs,chaussures christian louboutin homme, in 2012 it jumped to 39%. Particularly dangerous and difficult to predict the consequences of drug use are also mixed up sharply.The latest report includes nearly 6700 victims of the driver’s toxicology report figures between 1990 to 2012 analysis. The researchers analyzed the use of legal drugs and illegal drugs.

but found that all the increase in the number of drugs can lead to the crash.Disorders caused by the driver’s reaction was the most commonly used pharmaceutical ingredients cold medicine and other similar drugs diphenhydramine. Reported rarely been found positive for illegal drugs the driver, but the last 10 years,magasin hollister france, the number of cannabis-positive drivers increased significantly.Since most of the driver killed in the crash are driving non-commercial aircraft, acceptance testing of 90 percent of the victims of an accident when the driver is operating a private aircraft.According to media reports,nike france, the National Transportation Safety Board said that in the operational aspects of the influence of drugs,manteau barbour laine, doctors, and the FAA did not submit sufficient warning to the pilot. The researchers said, whether it is prescription drugs, over the counter drugs or illegal drugs,gilet barbour, will affect the driver’s ability to operate. Article [World Wide Web Roundup] According to Yonhap June 12 reported that due to South Korean Prime Minister nominee Wenchang gram has published “The Japanese colonial Korea is God’s plan” and other inappropriate remarks, South Korea civic groups have asked the Government to withdraw the nomination of Wenchang grams.Korean comfort women group “South Korea will come forward and team problem countermeasures agreement” on the 12th issued a statement condemning the said Wenchang grams speech at Seoul National University,doudoune parajumpers femme, said South Korea is now among the ranks of the developed countries,air jordan femme, without regard to the comfort women issue can be seen better days. “A lack of proper history of the people,jimmy choo paris, how competent prime minister stakes need to coordinate all areas of society? We ask the government to withdraw the nomination.

request Wenchang grams initiative to give qualifications of the nominees.”Korea Federation of the anti-Japanese movement independent groups and other organizations held a press conference the same day, said Wenchang grams of the extreme right-wing militarists in Japan raved remarks replica.

Therefore,louboutin pas cher, this case will go to trial.United States District Judge Yiwo En? Gonzalez? Rogers (Yvonne Gonzales Rogers) made the ruling last week is the latest progress together from the beginning of 2004 cases. In this case,hogan rebel, Apple charged by DRM technology manufacturing iTunes music store monopoly.The plaintiffs seek $ 350 million in damages. Some of which will be allocated to the iPod Classic purchased from between September 12,hollister milano, 2006 to March 31, 2009,nike tn, iPod Shuffle, iPod Touch and iPod Nano and other Apple products to consumers.The plaintiffs said that Apple’s FairPlay DRM protocols by configuring hinder competition in the digital music market,air max, the iPod users “locked” to the iTunes ecosystem. At that time, users of other services can not be purchased through the iPod digital music player. Therefore, Apple’s move is actually forcing users from other platforms.










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