accepted the seasonal changes of fruit

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sharp female voice way, everyone also the side ear listen to and all obviously concern this very much.
“White pear flower, adopt green what kind of person, also fool you not become?”Attend to Kui to hate her an eye to sink a track.The white pear flower shrunk to shrink head and had already hidden at the oneself back of the man to go to. The Yu adopts green most happy of BE, pollute this ages little, the problem of basically nonexistent snake son, need not spray insecticide, compare with modern to simplify matters many,Cheap Nike Air Max BW, had no that sub- agrochemical flavor, the flavor is much better.
She thinks, the present sloping fields has more than 30 acrely and sees situation still far far not enough and thinks of the time of previous incarnation, government the aa mansion development agriculture the industry turn, she gradually had new viewpoint.
Common saying says that supporting dies daring, starve timid.There is previous experience, there is also Chen Ji this convenience and then cheapness of of logistics system,Cheap Air Jordan 9 IX, the honey peach can be the target of a large-scale development.Previous incarnation she occasionally returns to country and discovers that all of the all over hills and countryside were peach trees, she is shocked, accepted the seasonal changes of fruit, basically good pick up money on the ground, every day all the quite a few is thousand pieces of incomes.
This ages,

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