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CPPCC Gu also force believes that cities disease surface shapes, but the actual existence of various causal link internal governance also requires top-level design, co-ordination, such as air quality and vehicle emissions and traffic congestion associated urban waterlogging and garbage disposal are also intrinsically linked. He believes that the rule haze, blocking, etc., have urgent treatment,air max pas cher, but also a comprehensive analysis, government can not act in haste, “one of the limits.”NPC,peuterey, academician Zhong Nanshan,tiffany, an expert in respiratory eve throw “haze worse than SARS” warnings. He suggested that to improve air quality, reduce vehicle emissions needs to start from.And “cure haze” voice is almost equally strong “rule blocking.” Shanghai resident population has more than 23 million, followed by Beijing’s population exceeded 20 million mark.

Guangzhou and Shenzhen is the letter of the population Enter city. Some cities,air jordan pas cher, such as “pie”-like development outside downtown traffic jam and even paralysis can easily become urban residents lingering “shadow.”Representatives from two of the country in Beijing, Shanghai and other places,tn pas cher, members will present a series of rule blocking the “subtraction” strategy,air force one, “plus” is a comprehensive capacity of urban and suburban public transport Metro construction industry and life support,christian louboutin, “minus” is participating in the auction and the wave number of the license plate growth, hope to achieve macro-control vehicle total.Rely on the system of governance,nike blazers, the cadres have “legal”Metropolitan disease treatment, the system must be designed first. This has become a member of a large number of representatives of the consensus.National People’s Congress Cheng Zhong Yan analysis,red bottom shoes, non-Chinese cities disease specific governance experience of the world’s major cities are generally “system first.” Such as traffic congestion,woolrich parka, a major cause of traffic carrying capacity and vehicle imbalance.

solve congestion problems,barbour pas cher, the need for more scientific and effective vehicle diversion program.CPPCC member and professor at Tsinghua University Wang Ming believes that many big city disease in the final analysis is the “big” cause. Cities across the country tens of millions of the resident population has more than a dozen, and strictly control the scale of cities, limiting the development model similar chaos pie by laws and institutions, in order to treat disease cities from the source.Representatives,christian louboutin flats, members of the leadership cadres of urban governance diseases also put forward higher requirements. Some members believe that when faced with a new round of urban development challenges, the government in improving the legal environment, etc., just do “addition” is not enough,jordan retro 1, needs to be done, “multiplication”; leading cadres in governance when a city,nike tn soldes, there must be “IQ” “EQ”, and more importantly,jordan retro 2, “legal”,tn, only the pursuit of administrative law “multiplier effect” to cure urban ills,barbour, for the benefit of the people.Cai Jianguo members felt that the Government can be viewed from a positive perspective environmental demands from civil society.

to build a more smooth channels of expression, will help to control big city disease. From this point of view, the pressure of urban disease-prone,Giuseppe Zanotti Sneakers, may also have an effect Forced local government departments improve their work style, improve the system design.Public participation, cure illsWhen the government departments are busy urban disease control occasion, whether people can stand?Some delegates raised by members.