Apron Feeder

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In sand making line, the feeding machine is the first step in the whole line, silica sand processing plant in india and its conveying capacity will directly determines the production efficiency of the whole line and cost consumption. Recently, many customers are consulting the medium apron feeder and the heavy apron feeder produced by Zenith mainly on the differences between these two kinds of equipment. What are the differences between the medium plate feeding machine and heavy plate feeding machine in sand making line?
It is understood that the apron feeder is common equipment in the sand production line. It can be divided into light apron feeder, medium apron feeder and heavy apron feeder and the heavy apron feeder and medium apron feeder are mainly used for conveying limestone to be primarily crushed. small scale gold processing plant Here are the differences between the two types.
First, from the perspective of the concepts, compared with the medium plate small scale gold beneficiation machine feeding machine, the heavy apron feeder can transport large sizes of products, which generally don’t exceed 60% of the plate in width. Its carrier plate generally ranges from 1250mm to 3150mm. While the medium apron feeder plate conveys the materials not exceeding 140KG in weight. Bulk density doesn’t exceed 1200KG/m ³ and the carrier plate ranges from 500mm-1250mm in width.
Second, from the range of application, because of its relatively large feeding size, the heavy apron feeder can convey large stones with size of 1500mm, while medium apron feeder can’t. So some large sand production line such as 200t/h or more will choose the heavy apron feeder machine, and the apron feeder is very durable and firm. Thus, amount of maintenance cost will be saved.Zenith can provide the models of BW1000, BW1200, BW1250, BW1500, BW1800, BW2200 and BW2400, with the transport capacity ranging from 60t/h to 1100t/h.