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I should certainly not leave it to PHILO, said CLEANTHES, though I know that the starting objections is his chief delight, to point out the weakness of this metaphysical reasoning. It seems to me so obviously ill-grounded, and at the same time of so little consequence to the cause of true piety and religion, that should certainly myself venture to show the fallacy than it.
It is pretended that the Deity is a necessarily existent being; and this necessity of his existence is attempted to be explained by asserting, that if we knew his whole fact or nature, we should perceive it to be as impossible for him not to exist, as for twice two not to be four. But it is evident that this can never happen, while our performance remain the same as at present. It will still be possible for us, at any time, to conceive the.
existed from eternity, than there is in that succession of causes which what people mean about the universe. What was it, then, which determined Something to exist rather than Nothing, and bestowed being on a particular possibility, exclusive of the rest? External causes, there are supposed to be none. Chance is a word without a meaning. Was it Nothing? But that can never produce any thing. We must, therefore, have recourse to a necessarily existent Being, who carries the reason of his existence in himself, and who cannot be supposed not to exist, without an express contradiction. There is, consequently, such a Being; that is, there is a Deity.
I should certainly choose jotting, that there is an evident absurdity in pretending to demonstrate a matter of fact, as well as to prove it by any arguments a priori. Absolutely nothing is demonstrable, unless the contrary implies a contradiction. Nothing, that is distinctly conceivable, implies a contradiction. Whatever we conceive as existent, we can also conceive as non-existent. There is no being, therefore, whoever non-existence implies a contradiction. Consequently there is no being, whoever existence is demonstrable. I propose this argument as entirely decisive, and am ready to rest the whole controversy upon it.

asics online