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also has a “Ghost Story” will be a confused guy distracted Jiangsu willingly give money to send things to send feelings. But anyway, Nie Xiaoqian is a woman,barbour france, we Daqing this “Ghost Story”, but it is a man.February 19, the Public Security Bureau in Jiangsu guy in time to see his dreams, just retching.Network bored lonely guy to get to know the “Goddess”New Year’s Eve day, children, Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province.

in addition to part of the money to the “intermediary” and Ms. Luo, the other will be used to repay gambling debts, leaving only a small part of the money for him to buy a ticket back to Sichuan.Recently, when children see again, Luo breaks through his tears, and hugged and kissed and pro small aircraft. She has said: “There will be no sale to buy children’s children, but to let the family see the children take care of so well,collane tiffany, I would not hate.” (END)(Original title: cruel father to sell his son to repay gambling debts 45,000 yuan has now been YORK, February 25 News movie “Ghost Story” in the Nie Xiaoqian, fans will get restless scholar Ningcai Chen. In the city.

the father and son was missing, Pengmou has turned off the phone, send text messages to inform Pengmou night to Miss Luo, son Xiaopeng said it has someone else,louboutin femme pas cher, the incident the next day Miss Xiang Luo remittance Pengmou 4000 yuan after heard from since.Accordingly, Jinjiang Police immediately set up a task force, and soon identified Pengmou facts of the crime of trafficking in children, followed the lead track to buy Pend of people, in one fell swoop, “intermediary” He Moujuan Sumou pocket, and Peng some wanted online.Police allegedly persuaded to buy several infants Zhang, Zhang initiative to hold small aircraft (a pseudonym) to East Stone gave himself up to the police station,outlet tiffany, and then, a small aircraft was sent Jinjiang creches temporary placement. At the same time, the police also arrested Pengmou further increase the intensity.After the arrest, Pengmou argued that he was just the child,giuseppe zanotti homme, “free” to Zhang,doudoune moncler, and 45,000 yuan as he charged these payments and raising children a month maternity hospital costs. Pengmou also explained.

just one month before being sold in six days Pengmou biological father. She has told the police that a year ago she failed marriage with the same Pengmou met fell in love,abercrombie e fitch, and to live together as husband and wife, because there is no official marriage license, child labor, she went back to his hometown in Sichuan Pengmou and gave birth to a baby boy.”However, when Peng Mouping lazy,moncler sito ufficiale, occasionally going out doing odd jobs, but also lost a lot of money because of gambling, we have so often quarreled.” She has told the police,christian louboutin femme, “Cary Pengmou even my $ 10,000 savings are taken out gambling, and even children’s money, but also to sell a motorcycle, plus find someone to borrow money to make up for. “The day before the full moon child,abercrombie hollister, Luo and the two returned to the Jinjiang stone Pengmou rental place, because of the renewed quarrel trivia. The first three days back in Jinjiang,doudoune femme moncler, go get some fresh air Pengmou hold his son said. Subsequently.

one knee: “! Marry me.”Women’s blushing, saw the car full of “Changqiangduanbao” a bit overwhelmed, urging Wang Fei: “Get up, you are doing ah.””Promise me! Although I have no house,louboutin paris, I’d like you to my wife.” Then, Wang Fei remove mysterious gift from her, stuffed her hands.”Open Look, is what a mysterious gift.” In the car the crowd booing sound, she opened the box, there is a bank card.”This is my salary cards, passwords,air max pas cher enfant, you know!” Wang Fei, a remark, the car burst of laughter.”Promise him, promised him …”In the car the crowd’s encouragement, the woman agreed to marry Wang Fei.Purse retrieve their full property, they become attachedMen marry Wang Fei, 30 years old,hollister online, working in Zhengzhou, Ma Xiaojing met with the woman, it is accidental.Seven months ago, Wang Fei take B11 bus accident Lost a wallet, there are Ma Xiaojing identification and bank cards as well as more than 800 yuan in cash.Wang Fei handed the wallet to the car after a long, long interaction with the car left a contact phone number.Long Hu Shengjun car followed by a variety of relationships, the way to find the owner Ma Xiaojing, refund of the purse, and explains why.”I lost wallet sad, I must have found, and they are now too few people.” Ma Xiaojing get the wallet, thanks to a decision about Wang Fei.They met after contact with each other feel good, then you constantly traveling,hollister pas cher, three months later, to determine the relationship.”We are by transit time soon, and would like to propose to her on Valentine’s Day.” Fei said,abercrombie paris, would not it be better if the bus.Two days ago, Wang Fei rapid transit link with Zhengzhou City, get the company’s strong support.

the company also invested a lot to train layout.”‘ve Seen in the media, special marry, did not think this thing could happen to me, too nervous.” said, got into the car,outlet woolrich, she did not know what to say.BEIJING, Feb. 19 Jinjiang Electric (Jinhai Zhang Jintan) workers in Sichuan, Fujian Jinjiang Pengmou man,tiffany milano, because gambling ridden girlfriend during pregnancy will find a buyer privately, children full moon, more is charged “these payments” 45,000 yuan on the grounds, will own children sold.Jinjiang, Fujian Public Security Bureau official disclosed on the 19th, after the public security organs investigation and evidence collection, 34-year-old Sichuan Yibin Pengmou and two “intermediaries” Jinjiang woman He Moujuan, Sumou pocket, on suspicion of the crime of trafficking in children was approved Procuratorate arrest.December 29, 2013 morning, the 32-year-old Guizhou She has reported that his son.