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excessive consumption and debt spending. This means that even if the end of the international economic crisis, there is a part of China’s export demand permanently disappeared.These are means that China’s potential economic growth rate declined. This is a variety of resources and factors of production environments to support optimal growth. In the past due to resource and environmental constraints are not too big, with the release of more productivity institutional change, so you can maintain rapid growth for so long. But now increasing resource and environmental constraints, institutional change frees up space productivity is relatively narrow, so the potential economic growth rate has declined.”Squeeze bubble” and “soft landing”Life Week: A few years ago when scholars began to call China a competitive advantage in the global fall dramatically,barbour international, mention is to reduce the “demographic dividend”. “Demographic dividend” of change,nike tn soldes, is an important factor in China’s economic growth down the right?Zuo Jun: the demographic dividend is only one factor affecting China’s economic growth.

is not there external factors?Zuo Jun: external factors have played a role,christian louboutin wedges, such as my foreign demand declined. The international economic crisis in the past, part of our external demand will be picked up,air max 2014, but there are some external demand permanently disappeared. Because the United States and other countries also reflect the international financial crisis, to reflect on their past economic development mode of “high consumption,tn, excessive consumption,christian louboutin heels, consumer debt” for the features. Results reflect on is that they will never get so much high consumption.

economic growth momentum on our objective, broad face involved. Including the demand for power,air max 90 pas cher, that is, we often say “Troika”; Second,women air jordan 1, structural optimization power,barbour paris, industrialization, urbanization, regional economic integration,air force one, industrial upgrading; third is to increase the factor inputs; Fourth elements upgrade, that technical progress Human capital increase, information, etc.; five institutional change through institutional change can mobilize everyone’s enthusiasm and creativity, promote economic growth; six distorted especially depress prices of production factors; seven is down welfare spending and increase economic development expenditures; eight adopt economic stimulus; nine through government enterprise, the pursuit of high economic growth.Now look, six of which have suffered different degrees of problems, only institutional change, structural optimization, upgrading of these three elements is the main driving force in the future force, the most important is the institutional change, because the structure and elements of optimization upgrades are dependent on institutional change.Life Week: In other words, we have to use the means to stimulate economic development, and maintain their competitive advantage in low-cost disappear off welfare spending should be compressed to make up later.

a corresponding decline in economic growth. After the heavy industry stage,piumini peuterey, to enter into the “post-industrial society”, so in 2020 the economic growth rate will decline further in China.Sixth,women jordans, China’s urbanization began to enter into the acceleration phase of the second half. According to international experience,nike tn officiel, while 30% to 70% urbanization rate is accelerated urbanization stage, China’s urbanization rate in 2012 was 52.6%, is in the acceleration phase of the first half to the second half of the transition phase. Like with industrialization and urbanization accelerated phase of the first half, but also the amount of urbanization expansion phase, to the second half, although the speed is quite fast, but has been a qualitative phase transition to the upgrade. After entering into this phase, infrastructure construction and real estate development scale will be reduced, leading to decline in economic growth.Life Week: In addition to the reasons for our own stage of development.

these will sacrifice economic growth front, which is to promote the economic development of long-term health is necessary.Life Week: You mentioned China’s economic growth will occur this change: 2015 to 2020 the growth rate was 6% to 8%; 2020 ~ 2030 is 4% to 6%; 2030 followed by 2% to 4 %. In other words, now is the rapid growth of China’s economy by entering the slow growth of a transition period. What do you think China’s economy has entered a new phase marked?Zuo Army: First,barbour femme, China’s economy is the “high-growth phase” into the “medium-speed growth stage.” This year is the next step, the era of rapid growth over the past 30 years more than 10% is gone.Second, China began to enter the economic adjustment period. To be continued for several years strategic economic restructuring, digestive bubble and contradictions that exist in the economy. This adjustment should be carried out at a more reasonable growth rate.Third, China has entered into the “middle income trap” sensitive period. According to international experience, when per capita income of more than 4000 U.S. dollars after entering this period,nike blazers, China is just entering this sensitive period. In fact, China has emerged into a country, there had been some problems “middle income trap”, such as increasing income disparity, social conflicts,nike tn pas cher, industrial transformation and upgrading difficulties.Fourth, China is entering the “high-cost era.” Land costs, raw material costs,negozio tiffany milano, energy costs,christian louboutin sale, labor costs, capital costs, intellectual property and so increasingly high cost, making our original low-cost competitive advantage is no longer obvious.Fifth, China’s industrialization began to enter into the later stages of industrialization and “heavy industry phase in the second half.” The most important feature of this stage is to heavy industry and producer services blending development. Heavy industry phase in the first half is the amount of heavy industry expansion phase, the second half is a qualitative improvement stage.


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