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he went from 2:00 Yancheng came along from there responsible for his conduct Xu Jinlong, director of acupuncture and massage. To save time, Xu Jinlong even drove his car straight night carrying Zhang Mengyong Nanjing Underwater World.6:00, “Little Giant” is coming! Because the night before the instrument failed to remove volleyball,basket louboutin, can only hope that the long arm of Warren again. However, contrary to expectations, many attempts the night before, not only makes no progress volleyball Jiang Bo stomach, but also got in deeper. Even if the 1.05 m long boom “Little Giant” shot,christian louboutin, is still elusive. Please “giants” shot program has been stranded again.Not reconciled to20 dolphins brawny carried away to the hospital30-year-old experts try to “balloon Law”Is it so you sit still? Reconciled staff suddenly remembered a phone call: Southern Medical sophomore Affiliated Medical Center digestive endoscopes have room to get in touch with them.

“volunteered” to help small Jiang Bo willing to take volleyball. But Jiang Bo was already in endoscopy surgery,doudoune parajumpers, they will politely refused.Since the previous programs have failed,parajumpers france, why not make this hospital endoscopy treatment “master” to try it,hollister italia, but the doctor Fan Zhining also experts in this area, has over 30 years experience in endoscopic treatment.It is responsible for contacting the hospital matron Qin Wu said that after receiving the underwater world of the phone, they started to prepare. But because the device is too large, the line is very complex and can not at the Dolphinarium surgery, can only ask “Little Jiang Bo” to the hospital for treatment.Dolphins sent to the hospital? This decision is also not easy. Plus stretcher, only 5 years old little weight dolphins actually reached 500 pounds,outlet hogan, spent nearly 20 site staff, three meters long and only then placed onto it carried out of the car. Because for a long time without eating,louboutins, but depended on nutrition to sustain life, small Jiang Bo looked very weak. However,giubbotti woolrich, stomach pain, struggling to make it or want.Dolphins to surgery, one can not knife, two not anesthesia, this is taboo marine animals. How many methods have failed.

and a wonderful practice for five years with the students stood silently, his age this Buddhist disciples looked puzzled, since the monastery into a wonderful, would continue to run fast around the temple, around and around. He said with tears: “I get along with him day and night for five years, others are not bad, all ages.” He knew that would be a wonderful online,outlet hogan, but do not know a wonderful girlfriend secretly online. Has not been able to say the words, and some wonderful, he stood so quietly,hollister abercrombie, watched a wonderful away. (Liu Xia Zhan After two and a half hours of surgery, 5-year-old Nanjing Underwater World Dolphin “Jiang Bo” eating volleyball finally taken out. Make an ordinary endoscopic surgery also ten minutes of time, but to the dolphins foreign body,woolrich parka uomo, the process is quite difficult. Really twists and turns,parajumpers femme, but also a change in the program has also changed. 1.05 m long arm “Little Giant” Zhang Mengyong night rushed over,tiffany, and unfortunately the hand or not long enough; the Second Affiliated Hospital of Nanjing Medical University Medical Center digest “volunteered”, under the worth of hard and finally take Source: Jiangsu TV “news eye “out of this” tough “in volleyball. From only swallowed the ball to the final removal.

spent a full 49 hours. The reporter JuanUnfortunately”Little Giant” Zhang Mengyong night came to helpHowever,barbour, 1.05 m long arm is still out of reach of volleyballSince the beginning of the 18th at 2:30 pm, on the fate of the little dolphin affects countless people’s hearts. 19, Dragons basketball team to master, but unfortunately only 87 cm long arm can not reach volleyball. Night they invited doctor “door” to do endoscopy surgery, however, the treatment is still failed.Whether it can find a longer arm who can probe into the “Jiang Bo” get the ball in the stomach it? Song Qiao newspaper photographer in that, “Jiang Bo,” the situation yesterday after one o’clock, emergency contact and still sidelined Yancheng “little giant” Zhang Mengyong, 2 meters tall and 26, arms up to 1.05 m of Zhang Mengyong become everyone another hope.Before Zhang Mengyong because wrestling has been Yancheng coastal Mercy hospital leg, though already in rehabilitation, but there is no way to walk normally, only on crutches. But after receiving the news.

experts here what kind of “clever” it. Take a look at the operating table, the laser fiber,zanotti femme, latex balloon … these originally belonged to different sections of the surgical instruments seem messy.

Chongqing,parajumpers pas cher, and then open a farm in his hometown, to love each other forever. For property, wonderful to tell a girlfriend, his annual salary at the temple.Regret to identify the scene presided arms fell to his kneesAfter being arrested, some wonderful this reflect on their own sinful face of police, he did not want to say, but the request to see preside.Under police escort,parka woolrich, went to the temple for a wonderful afternoon yesterday. Because the Buddhist heartland, reporters have not been allowed to enter, can be seen in the police video, refers to a complete scene recognition wonderful to see the calm sitting chaired side, immediately knelt down, then presided over began to speak. Although unclear said content, but one can imagine a certain make wonderful heart shock, he threw his arms in tears preside,doudoune pjs, preside still sitting, did not touch that made a big ring entourage.Subsequently, a wonderful lecture hall was taken to the temple monks held a plenary of the General Assembly, as a bad example to make a wonderful extremely frustrating, sitting on the police car he kept asking: “? Why not go.”And the car window.