Because it was such a huge and fun success

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I just adore how real life married couple Paulette and AJ are around each other in this little film. ,hight quality coast dresses uk;

Photographer told me ‘Stylist and I had so much fun pulling offour ,for he didn’t know that real rabbits existed,that we decided to make it an annual institution. We actually gave away our first shoot as part of a Facebook competition we ran. Because it was such a huge and fun success, we decided to brand the shoots as ‘The Secret Shoot’.Basically, we pick a winner, but the winner won’t know what they’ve let themselves in for until they arrive on set on the actual day of the shoot – where we reveal everything to them.’

‘The aimof the shoot is to showcase young, fresh and upcoming talent in the South African wedding industry but to inspire brides all over the globe too. We want to create a ‘magicallittle world’ that one lucky couple can escape to for a whole day! It’s such a great way of showcasing the talent of a group of brilliant suppliers – an opportunity to show off their best work, totally uninhibited!’