‘By using materials in unexpected ways

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Founded by Barbara Dimitrea in 2006,Evening Dresses, believe that on her wedding day a bride should be the most beautiful reflection of her true self…

‘By using materials in unexpected ways, we aim to create the accessories that will make any bride look individual. pieces are distinctive because Barbara likes to create things that have never been seen before.’

Born into an artistic Greek family and raised in the culturally and socially infused environment of Chicago, Barbara has been heavily influenced by both the multicultural urban setting of the city she grew up in and the rugged Mani Region of Southern Greece where her family originated from and where she eventually settled.

Like all members of her family, Barbara has a very artistic soul. She found freedom in creating semi-precious jewellery and, after creating a custom piece for a close friend that was getting married,waiting for you to explore, it was suggested that she should make bridal accessories. Barbara quickly realised she had found her calling and was born.