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To the whole transaction by which Hatteraick purchased his secrecy he was find. Respecting young Bertram, he could give a distinct account till he went to India, after which he previously lost look of him until he unexpectedly met with him in Liddesdale. Gabriel Faa even farther stated that he instantly sent notice to his auntie Meg Merrilies, as well as to Hatteraick, who he knew was then upon the region; but that he had borne his aunt鈥檚 displeasure upon the latter account. He concluded, that his auntie had immediately declared that she would do all that lay in her power to help young Ellangowan to his right, even if it should be by informing against Dirk Hatteraick; and that many of her people assisted her besides himself, from a belief that she was blessed with supernatural inspirations. With the same purpose, he understood his auntie had made available to Bertram the treasure of the tribe, of which she had the custody. Three or four gipsies, by the express command of Meg Merrilies, mingled in the crowd when the custom-house was bombarded, when it comes to issuing Bertram, which he previously himself effected. He said, that in obeying Meg鈥檚 dictates they did not pretend to estimate their propriety or rationality, the respect in which she was held by her tribe precluding all such subjects of speculation. Upon even farther interrogation, the find added, that his auntie had always said that Harry Bertram carried that round his neck that would ascertain his birth. It was a spell, she said, an Oxford scholar had created for him, and she possessed the smugglers with an opinion that to divest him than it would occasion the losing of the vessel.

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