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the development of the two treatment regimens. The best solution is to put the ball into his arm removed,chaussures louboutin pas cher, because dolphins esophagus and stomach winding, soft arm does not hurt. Another is gastroenterologists use forceps,tiffany, clamp the ball out into it. “The best is to use the first,woolrich outlet online, because,doudoune parajumpers, after all, easy to friction forceps to stomach, causing injury.” In addition,hogan milano, if the ball pliers torn debris left in the stomach is a big trouble.Yesterday morning, the underwater world through radio emergency help to the community, looking for “the long arm of the man of God.” Who will save the dolphins Jiang Bo? SOS message on the microblogging caused great concern. As of yesterday evening,woolrich parka, more than 6 points, the relevant micro-blog has been forwarded nearly 3,000 times.Mengda Dragons players heard the news,woolrich parka uomo, the first time the underwater world from Xianlin arrived. He played basketball, arms naturally going to grow a lot more than most people. Unfortunately, site survey for a moment,parajumpers, about 87 cm mengda arm, into it out of reach. “It seems that our team’s tallest player is also out of reach.” Munda said regretfully.Listeners and users also have ideas. “Inner Mongolia has the world’s first giant Bao Xishun not it? Ask him to ah.” Said a netizen Inner Mongolia. There listeners recommend volleyball sucked out with a vacuum pump; Netizens proposal to open a knife Jiang Bo, directly taken out.Everybody recite, Jiang Bo slow or no response. Yesterday afternoon, the reporter saw at the Dolphinarium.

” Staff of the underwater world of Tang Jun told reporters, January 18 around 2:30 pm, the show is over,barbour jacket, the trainer accompanied Jiang Bo and Yaya play for a while,outlet hogan, ready to leave. After each performance,hollister italia, the props will close up, I did not expect,hogan rebel, when a volleyball accidentally fell into the pool. Staff just going to retrieve the ball, Jiang Bo from underwater agility jump over,hollister carugate, put his head a ball to the top left, then a bite volleyball, swallowed his mouth. Trainer anxious,basket louboutin, and turn it around, let it spit it out,hollister abercrombie, it may have long since been swallowed volleyball.Observation for a few hours, Jiang Bo did not show any suited,christian louboutin paris, no vomiting, no make it seem uncomfortable, still calmly leisurely swim in the water.This is not surprising, not so sensitive human dolphin’s stomach. Jiang Bo’s home – Japan dolphin base is a natural waters, dolphins often refuse to swallow the ocean. Local trainer has an important job is to clean up their stomach every day, are a direct hand directly into his Qutao garbage. Yaya to Nanjing in 2007,boutique louboutin paris, when the stomach is “hiding” a brick-sized piece of sponge, until two months after its own spit, was discovered.But if the foreign body is not taken out at any time may be life-threatening. Not to mention the swallow, is a volleyball made of rubber. That night, the underwater world quickly before endoscopy doctor invited for Yaya, for Jiang Bo do endoscopy. Dolphins have three stomach. Gastroscopy showed: diameter 30 cm volleyball is extruded into an elongated shape, since the material is rubber, a slight expansion, stubbornly stuck in the first stomach. Doctors volume a bit, this location about 1.2 meters away from the mouth.Microblogging long arm of the city looking for peopleDragons players arrived,zanotti femme, still out of reachHard all night, doctors and trainers have failed. After consultation.