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who stopped We give posted double-sided adhesive, let them pay for our parking account. “A few minutes later, the reporter met in the corridor that were maintenance workers, asked him: “? This is a regular free parking, why do you say it is your own.

he had crossed out with a razor blade.But then something similar happened again a few times,christian louboutin pas cher, which allows Mr. Wang felt wonder. He noted that not only was his car,orecchini tiffany, another car parked in the parking spaces will have this experience. Wang observed, beside a row of parking spaces is a company called “Nissan franchise stores Zhongwei” car 4S. 4S shop west from the entrance to the addition of non-motorized trail in front of a unit, a total of 23 parking spaces, these spaces, stopping most is the Nissan series car, but these cars will not be posted double-sided adhesive.& Gt; & gt; owners4S shop staff posted two double-sided adhesive22 afternoon, Wang again pick up the car, found only on the car windshield was posted double-sided tape, spray paint the front and rear license plate also, previously,abercrombie, he also discovered the car body scratches.Yesterday afternoon, Mr. Wang devoted a row of parking spaces next time around, he wanted to know exactly who did it all.2 pm, Wang saw two staff Nissan 4S shops appear on this row of parking spaces,woolrich sito ufficiale, “one is a maintenance worker, an administrative officer,tiffany roma, were wearing work clothes. They took the double-sided adhesive,hollister pas cher, mutual combined with the double-sided adhesive stickers on the front windshield above the parking spaces of non-Nissan vehicles. “Wang asked why repairman posted, the answer is “This is our 4S shop dedicated parking, other vehicles can not stop.”Hear a reply, although Wang angry, but helpless. He passed through the open traffic police brigade learned that these spaces are free.

any unit or individual can own.& Gt; & gt; 4S shop”We can not stop people parking.”3 o’clock yesterday afternoon, China Chinese Commercial News reporters Zai Fengcheng and Wu Lu “Dongfeng Nissan franchise stores Zhongwei” door of non-motorized trail to see where paddled formal parking facilities, but did not have any stop signs, and no charge staff. Most of the parking of vehicles Nissan system. There are three cars before being affixed with double-sided tape on the windshield, an owner of the mention of it is also very depressed, “I stopped more than two hours,boutique louboutin, on the face of this matter.”China Chinese Commercial News reporter Guan Chajin two hours, did not see someone posting. According to knowledgeable sources,louboutin pas cher, posted double-sided adhesive is indeed near the 4S shop staff, but when posted uncertain.Wang also remember that the two look like the 4S shop staff. 16:30 Xu, China Chinese Commercial News reporters He Wangxian and Sheng Yiqi went way south “Dongfeng Nissan franchise stores Zhongwei” 4S shop repair shop, look for double-sided adhesive stickers that were maintenance workers, and engaged in a dialogue with him.Double-sided adhesive repairman acknowledged that he and 4S shop posted up an executive, “because that is our parking 4S shop, we go out and buy from the traffic police force,hogan rebel, another car can not stop, we will go to the stick every day time. I do admit I am sure what, but body paint scratches and give the license plate is not what we do. “China Daily reporter 4S shop on the second floor in human resources administration department asked the matter, a staff member said: “This is our own spaces, our own employees’ cars are parked less than,woolrich outlet online, other people certainly can not stop the car.

the Haidian police are still investigating the matter.(Original title: the man said on the sidelines of law enforcement Car parked in the free parking, the body repeatedly been posted double-sided adhesive, the owner had a doubt in mind,parajumpers homme, “is not who deliberately so?” After a half months of his suspicions were confirmed, is close to a car 4S shop in intentional mischief .& Gt; & gt; publicRepeated damage to the vehicle parking free parkingWang lives in a district of Xi’an north of Fengcheng Rd, residential parking spaces very nervous. In the non-motor vehicle lane road south of Fengcheng Rd areas designated parking spaces, not yet charged, so one month before the start,veste barbour homme, he will be parked in these spaces, but the problem also follow.”I found the car on the front windshield was labeled a big piece of double-sided tape, the above also says ’employee parking spaces do not’, I feel very strange.” After the first time found that Wang who is mischief. Double-sided adhesive tape is very tight, in order to tear is not an easy thing.

is still being treated batters Chow 999 Qinghe Emergency Center, was diagnosed Chow has two head wounds and a slight concussion, trauma to the right eye redness.Chow said the incident occurred away from his parking place close to law enforcement officers, law enforcement officers when he turned to see vendors check out his cell phone,tiffany orecchini, but only to call not to take pictures. Zhou said,hogan scarpe donna, “There is a man wearing a uniform inspectors mistaken I was taking pictures,hollister soldes, up to grab my cell phone, I did not give, then rushed to the more than 10 men in white uniforms beat me.”StreetThose employed by uniformed security for the streetIt is understood that the day to participate in joint law enforcement,abercrombie milano, including the inspectors Xisanqi enforcement team, Xisanqi street and territorial police.Yesterday, Haidian District Urban Management Bureau said that after verification,chaussure louboutin pas cher, when Chow was beaten,woolrich uomo, participation in joint law enforcement inspectors are not in the field, wearing white uniforms should be for security, but not chased security.Last night, the streets do Xisanqi propaganda department staff Ms Wu said the specific circumstances of the beating was not clear, all waiting for the results of the police investigation. Ms Wu after reading masses provide live pictures that entered Iveco car to escape, after police arrested a man over a white uniforms, the streets do indeed hire security. Chow verified by more than the man in the photograph is indeed the batterer.Currently.


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