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With the continuous heating of the building, the construction of the building with the climax of sand. The prohibition of artificial sand and gravel aggregate mining, construction industry more dependent mechanism sand. Mechanism of sand is sand mechanism  sand making machine  and other ancillary equipment processing through, the mechanism of sand to professional equipment to prepare a qualified for sand and gravel. Therefore, the mechanism of sand production equipment, the mechanism of sand processing equipment has become a complete set of equipment to become a hot investment.

To know the mechanism of sand production equipment, we must first understand the mechanism of sand production process. Large stone need to PE jaw crusher preliminary broken, and fine crushing, fine grinding after the stone into the shaker separation of two kinds of stones, meet the sand making machine into stone disables sand mechanism sand particle size, another part again revert to fine crushing. And the sand machine of the gravel part of the sand into the sand, the sand, the sand washing machine after washing into the finished product, another part of the need to break the sand machine again, until the user granularity, the entire process is a cycle process. The mechanism of sand of complete sets of equipment include: (bin) – > vibrating feeder – > jaw type crushing machine – > strike back type crushing machine (optional) fine – > mechanism sand blasting equipment, sand making machine) – > vibration sieve sand washing machine .

We the mechanism of sand production and processing equipment, has simple structure, smooth operation, handling a large amount, high sand ratio, product grain shape and equipped with flexible “stone dozen stone” and “stone timbewolves” cavity, can meet the requirements of different working conditions. If you need to go out to the surface dust of the mechanism of sand production, you can also configure the washing machine equipment, complete the mechanism of sand washing.

We configure the full set of mechanism sand processing equipment can be used for hard limestone, granite, basalt, more than and smelting slag and so on many kinds of materials of aggregate and making artificial sand homework, applicable in the application of hydropower, building material, highway, urban construction and other industries. We according to different process requirements, the combination of various types of equipment to meet the requirements of different customers. Welcome investment mechanism of sand production and processing of complete sets of equipment consulting