Cone Breakers Are Specialized Crushing Machines of Rocks

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The highly efficient cone crusher can be used in mining exploitation, rock crushing and processing and other fields, which is the major equipment used to finely crush and process the non-metallic ores, and which can directly determine the qulaity of the materials. Therefore, when choosing cone crushers, you should be more cautious.

The China cone crusher is a machine used for breaking the big rocks into the minor rocks, gravels or rock dusts. It is widely used for medium and fine crushing all kinds of rocks with pressure under 350MPa in mining, cement industries, sand industries and other areas. The perfect combination of high-performance crushing chamber and high crushing frequency improves the handling ability of the cone crusher to a great degree .

The crushing capacity of cone crusher, as the name suggests, is the number of materials a cone crusher can crush during the unit time. Usually the unit of the crushing capacity is tons/hour. The factors that influence the capacity of cone crusher can be divided into these aspects: the materials and the machine .

1. The humidity of the materials. If the water content is high, the material is easy to adhere to the inner wall of cone crusher for sale , and also easy to block during the course of material feeding, thus resulting in the capacity reduced. If there is a high requirement on fineness of the crushed production, that requires finer output production , then the crushing capacity will be small .

2. The hardness of the materials. The harder material is more difficult to crush and more seriously wear and tear on the mobile cone crusher . If the speed of crushing is slow down, the capacity will be of course reduced. Hardness of raw material and crushing capacity is in inverse proportion .

3. The composition of the materials. If the material contains more fine powder, it will has more influence on crushing effect , because these fine powder is easy to adhere. mobile stone crusher plant , It is better to screen the material with more fine powder in advance. If the viscosity of material is bigger, it is more likely to adhere .

4. The parts of cone crusher. The greater the wear resistance is, the better the crushing capacity your mobile crushing plant has. Usually maintaining these wearing parts, and do replacement of these parts will make your cone crusher more effective .