Cone Crusher Is One Rising Star in Mine Markets

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The cone crusher is made up of rack, horizontal axis, moving cone, balance wheel, eccentric sleeve, the upper broken wall and the nether broken wall. It has many advantages of performance compared with the traditional crusher owing to its structure and the uniqueness of the crushing principle. The cone crusher of Shanghai Hongxing Machinery Co.,Ltd is the result of deep improvement and redesign of cone crusher according to decades of industry development experiences. The cone crusher is a kind of hydraulic crusher with advanced power, big crushing ratio and high productivity.

The machine is developed based on the international advanced technology in the 1980s with different structure design from the traditional crushers, especially for fine crushing and super fine crushing of rocks, broken ore, slag and refractory material, etc. The crushing process of cone crusher is completed between a fixed set of cone and the moving cone by turning movement. Under the action of eccentric sleeve, the crusher cone axis produces eccentricity and does rotary pendulum motion, which makes the broken wall surface sometimes being near the fixed cone surface and sometimes being far away from the fixed cone surface. The stones in the crushing cavity are continually squeezed, broken and impacted and crushed.

Under the action of gravity, the crushed materials are discharged from the lower part of crusher discharging mouth. The upper cavity of the dynamic cone of the cone crusher is fixed on the spherical bearing at the top of the fixed bearing and the nether cavity sleeve outside of the eccentric shaft sleeve, which directly driven by the eccentric shaft sleeve. When the eccentric shaft rotates around the spindle, the moving cone rotates around the eccentric sleeve which also rotates around the center line of the machine as well around its own axis. The moving cone does space rotary pendulum motion around the spherical bearing center.

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