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In the stone crushing production line, the crusher machine  or stone crusher plays an essential role. How to choose the ideal stone crusher has been an important issue for customers.

According to our experts, there are three main aspects that need our attention when we are about to select the proper crushing equipment for ourselves:

1.Properties of raw materials
Hardness, gradation, silt content and water content are all key parameters for raw materials that need to be crushed. When raw materials are too hard, they are ready to be handled by jaw crushers and cone crushers as the primary crushing devices. When materials are not so hard, they can be crushed by impact crushers as the first choice. The gradation of raw materials influences the whole performance. For stones from pebble bed, we tend to use the primary crushers according to materials grading curve. If necessary, allocate the screening machine. If the silt content or the water content is too high, the wet type crushing method is needed.

2.Quality requirement for products
Product quality revolves granularity, gradation and grain shape. For different projects, there are different requirements for the crushing products. Various stone crushers and production processes have much influence on the product quality.

3.Production rate
The production rate or the productivity is regarded as a core parameter for the stone crushing production line. The production rate refers to two aspects: standard particle productivity and whole products productivity. And the former one is more influential than the latter one when it comes to the real production.

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