Diesel Generator Always Wins in Competitions of Generators

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The testing of generator set is a task that should be undertaken on a regular basis in order to make sure this backup source of power remains in good working order. The process to test a generator will vary, based on the type of generator used and the amount of energy that the device is configured to put out. Most generator testing involves inspecting specific components when the generator is not in active use as well as activating the unit and observing its performance.

We all know that the diesel generating set has a long long history, however, untill today there are sitill some biases against diesel generators. The only thing we try to say is such prejudices are meaningless to the diesel generator, because the reality proves it”s very used widely and practical. Especially industrial settings, the diesel generators are always welcome to the users for many years. Talking of their cost, efficiency and reliability, it deserves you to buy it. So we give give you some reasons why diesel generator is a winner compared with other.

First of all for the efficiency of diesel engine is its compression ratio. The rule is that efficiency of an engine is directly proportional to its compression ratio. Thus, the higher the ration of compression, the better is its efficiency. For diesel engines, the compression ratio ranges from 14:1 to 25:1, whereas the ratio of compression of engines running on gasoline ranges from 8:1 to 12:1.

Second is when it comes to diesel generators is its internal combustion system. It is the generally accepted that the greater part of the energy from fuel is mostly converted into heat instead of useful power. And add this to the fact that some of the power is also used for cooling. Under such conditions, it is essential to point out that the temperature of a diesel engine that is running is much cooler than the internal combustion engine that runs on other fuels. Ergo, more power is transformed into useful power. And the energy required for cooling is greatly reduced.