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“La Nacha” legendary drug-trafficker in WikileaksBy Diana Washington Valdez
A U.S. diplomatic rope aboard the “anti-drug campaign” within Juárez mentions the arrests of Ignacia “La Nacha” Jasso,, the border city’s flagrant drug-trafficker,,and two Mexican allied agents.The cable dated March 15,, 1973, among the latest releases by online whistleblower WikiLeaks, says that the Mexican ministry was taking actions against narcotics violators among the Juárez region.Other details from the cord include that Mexican allied Attorney General Ojeda Paullada had dispatched a special 10-man oppress under the leading of Mexican lawful Ricardo de los Rios Garcia apt the zone to investigate trafficking.“One of (the) 1st acts of that crew was to situation two allied judicial police agents under occupy,” the cord says. “These two, Jesus Martinez Cabrera plus Eduardo Valdez Uranga, allegedly were protecting known traffickers.”The ligature goes aboard apt say that “Warrants have been issued as (the) capture of (the) infamous “shooting gallery operator ‘La Nacha’ plus her grandson ‘El Arabe.’ One unconfirmed report reaching (the U.S.) embassy March 14 was that (La Nacha) has been arrested plus her bank list surrounded (the) total of some three million dollars impounded.”Jasso’s grandson was “Hector Gonzalez,” alias ‘Arabe,’ whom authorities had said was chapter of the family’s drug-trafficking affair Officials said the organization supplied users with heroin plus marijuana for decades.“U.S.judgment enforcement officials with long experience within Mexico plus along the adjacent report that they tin reminisce not precedent for (such) animation with which this action is proceeding. Although the case namely still unfolding, result(s) apt appointment indicate that “task force” technique(s) employed surrounded San Luis Colorado () plus immediately Ciudad Juárez tin be effective,” according to the rope.“Beyond (the) immediate occupy and seizures,, we would wish that word longing radiate to other areas plus have salutatory devastating effect(s). Indeed reports nearly oppression being applied surrounded Nuevo Laredo district seems to have had such results. – Dean.”Although the rope does never make a direct connection between the arrested allied agents plus Jasso, it does recommend that Jasso enjoyed the protection of corrupt decree enforcement who helped her stay by the forefront of the morphine commerce much longer than anyone of the modern narcotic kingpins that are being sought along officials aboard either sides of the bordering.###相关的主题文章:

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