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Want to know the secret to creating a foolproof wardrobe? It’s all about “buying less and spending more.”

The ultimate goal is to build a wardrobe of clothes that suit you perfectly and that will mix and match easily to create innumerable outfits. It may take you several years to get there, but the result is absolutely worth it.

A perfect wardrobe should be made up of 60% Classic pieces 20% Basics and 20% Trend.

You probably already have a few classic pieces in your wardrobe. These are the items you paid more for but are made of high quality natural fibres and have seen you through several seasons. By purchasing classic pieces over a longer period of time, pairing them with good quality basics and keeping current with a few trend items,moncler clairy, you will always look elegant and put together.

Begin by separating your clothing into piles of classics, basics and trend (If you notice anything that is worn, dirty or needs mending,moncler online, place these in a separate pile).

Classics – The classics are good quality items like jackets, skirts and pants that fit you well, that look great and are still in great condition.

Basics – The basics are good quality t-shirts, stockings and lingerie etc. These are items that get a lot of wear and should be replaced every season or so. The more careful you are when washing and storing your basics, the longer they will last.

Trend – Finally you should be left with a pile of trend clothing. These could be current trends or those long since passed. While you may want to hang on to a few favourites, once the trend is over do you really have any need to keep them? Anything you decide to keep should be stored separately from the rest of your wardrobe.

Once this is done you can create a list of what classic items you need to complete your perfect wardrobe. Here are the top 10 staples of a classic wardrobe:

1. A good trench coat – this is a wardrobe essential. As with all your classic pieces, choose a neutral colour like black, chocolate, navy or beige.
2. Good quality knitwear – Go for natural fibre like 100% wool or cashmere. These are more expensive but much better quality and will last a lot longer. A classic V-neck style in a thin knit will get you through several seasons.
3. A cocktail dress – Look for classic style that flatters your body shape, for example a wrap dress which suits most figures. Remember, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a “little black dress.” If you don’t like black or just want something more interesting, pick a dress in one of your best non-neutral colours.
4. A white shirt – a well cut white shirt with crisp collar and cuffs is always a great addition to any wardrobe. It is perfect for weekend and work wear.
5. A great pair of jeans – look for either a bootcut or straight leg style in a dark, even denim. Definitely no fading, embroidery or hemline detail. Always fit your widest area first,moncler jacket, then it can just be a simple alteration to nip in the waist if it is too large.
6. An A-line skirt – A simple A-line skirt is very easy to wear and flattering on most body shapes.
7. Man-style pants – A great cut that skims over the hip area and creates a long leg line. Get a pair in black and beige.
8. Knee high boots – perfect for Autumn/Winter weather. Look for a soft chocolate leather in whatever heel height you are comfortable with.
9. A beige leather tote – always gorgeous, this will go with practically everything.
10. Anything else that suits your own personal style

Now that you have your wardrobe of classics, you can start to create ‘clothing clusters.’ This is a clever and easy way to build a versatile wardrobe of clothes. Once you get the idea of how clusters work,buy moncler online, you’ll be able to plan your wardrobe around them and give yourself lots of options.

A clothing cluster is a group of 5-12 pieces (classics and basics) that work in combination with each other. The basic guidelines are:

* Solids mix more easily than prints but prints can bridge the gap two completely different solids
* Choose classic styles with clean, simple lines
* Choose colours from your most flattering colour palette
* Choose styles that suit your shape and your clothing personality
* Invest in quality pieces that will last for many years

Go through your wardrobe and note down all the possible combinations you own and then try them on to make sure they really work. Maybe you could have a friend or your partner take a photo of you in each outfit you create so you can remember all the combinations you came up with,moncler us.

Teaming classic pieces with good quality basics in your best colours will ensure you always look elegant and put together. Then simply adding a splash of the latest colour or trendy handbag will bring you right up to the minute.

Best of all, taking the time to plan your wardrobe means you’ll no longer be tempted to waste money on impulse items that don’t go with anything you own.

About The AuthorSusan Lockhart is a leading Image Consultant in Brisbane, Australia and owner of Synergy Image Consulting. Learn how to make the most of your appearance and dress for success, no matter what size, age or shape you are. Get professional advice on colour, dressing for your body shape, bridal wear, grooming and more. Consultations for men and women. Visit .au


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