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Buying a new spring jacket can be an exciting time; an adventure filled with anticipation towards rebirth; the time of emergence from our twelve-pound cocoon of layered snow outwear into… a warm and gooey-wet mud season.Spring jacket trends can take on many meanings, to many different people. Designers try to influence the public into specific colors, materials, and styles that will vary from season-to-season or every few months; it is how they make their money. These designer spring jacket trends often don’t satisfy the actual needs of today’s shoppers.
Shoppers for spring jackets come in all shapes and sizes; not all are able to wear the same style as that young, tall,moncler down, slim, carefree gal smiling at us from the pages of our catalogs. Some spring jacket shoppers are on a budget, others shy away from specific spring jacket trends so that their jacket will still look stylish after one season.
This year, spring jacket trends include hoodies, jackets without full-length sleeves, pastel’s and muted ivory, grays, or charcoals. Some styles look like they’ve come straight off of the old, ‘I Love Lucy’ shows while others are our long-time favorite cuts in denim or leather. “Soft” is the buzz-word in fabric texture for this season.
Wal-Martis the discount department store that many shoppers go to when they need a new spring jacket. Most of the spring jackets at Wal-Mart are imported, allowing for workmanship-quality coupled with an inexpensive price. Wal-Mart carries a nice selection of light-weight multi-function spring jackets for men, women, and children.
Hanes Rib Knit Hoodiefrom Wal-Mart: This ladieszip-front hoodiespring jacket comes in sizes, S, M, L, XL and is priced at 10.00 . Hoodies are being worn alone, or in combination with other jackets for a layered look. Hanes brand is made partially outside of the United States, and is known as a brand of quality. This item comes in black, green, deep blue, or ivory. Wal-Mart will mail-order.Click herefor further jacket details.
Hanes French Terry Jacketfrom Wal-Mart: This ladies zip-frontsoft spring jacketcomes in S, M, L, XL and 3 trendy color choices. This jacket would be a great choice for your garden-chores spring jacket,wholesale moncler, or walking jacket. This jacket has a snap pocket that is just the right size to keep track of your keys, or ID. This soft jacket is 12.94, plus 3.94 in shipping if you’d like it delivered.Click herefor further jacket details.
ZBD Woman’s Tweed Jacketfrom Wal-Mart. This dressy ladies yellow-plaid tweed jacket is a classy spring jacket trend unto itself. Fully-lined, three-quarter length sleeves, and also available in a pattern called Houndstooth; but there’s a catch: you must shop online for this jacket; it is not available in Wal-Mart stores. Sizes: 4, 8, 10, 12,moncler outlet online, 14 and just 24.88.Click herefor further details on these 2 jackets.
JC Penneyis the family department store that many shoppers go to for their spring jacket trend choices when they would like to shop above Wal-Mart selections for a little pricier look. JC Penney is a great place to shop if you are in short or tall sizes,2013 moncler; they always have a nice selection of petite and tall fashions.
Sag Harbor Suit Jacketfrom JC Penney: This ladies roll sleeve suit jacket is available in Misses, Petites, Tall, and Plus sizes for most body types. A jacket like this with princess seams and shoulder pads are always slimming,moncler outlet, and this one comes in five pastel color choices or black. Price: 36.00 to 44.00 each.Click herefor jacket information.
Duo Maternity Hoodiefrom JC Penney: This ladies soft short-sleeve French Terry maternity hoodie is the perfect spring jacket for the Mom to be. The short-sleeves would allow you to wear it over your normal pretty shirts that are beginning to fit a little tight to extend your wardrobe. This jacket has a flattering empire waist cut, a tiny bit of spandex in it for comfort, and comes in black or a gray that would go with everything. Maternity or Maternity Plus sizes are available. Price: 19.99 to 24.99.Click herefor information.


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