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August 15, 2011Many New Jersey public schools require that students wear uniforms. This is easier for busy parents but some who are not used to uniform buying may be spending more money than they need to.
There are tricks to saving money on school uniforms. The first lesson is that although the school may recommend that you shop at a local independently owned store for school uniforms, you do not really need to. A local small shop is going to charge more for school uniforms than a bigger chain store will. This is the first way to save.
Check out your school’s website to see what the requirements are for school uniforms. Many have specifics about colors for the polo shirts that are a required part of the uniform,moncler london. Some schools give many choices of colors and this can work to your advantage. Avoid white shirts if you can especially if your child is a magnet for getting stains.
Many school uniform requirements include allowing students to wear shorts. Consider the fact that in New Jersey there will be many warm days right into October. Don’t purchase too many pairs of shorts especially if your child is expected to have a growth spurt.
The rule of thumb is that your child should have 5 uniform shirts to start the school year. Many schools vary in temperature and because of this it is smarter to just purchase the short sleeved shirts and allow for your child to bring along a sweater or jacket for colder days,moncler down. Check out your school website to see what kind of sweater or jacket they allow the students to wear,moncler jacket. Many forbid hooded jackets or pullovers.
Some schools will allow that students wear a neutral colored long-sleeved t-shirt type shirt under their uniform shirt for colder days. Know what is allowed so that you can avoid being called out of work to bring your child clothing.
Shoes are another issue in some school districts. Make sure to see what the school allows. Taking the time to double check school uniform requirements will keep you from being aggravated later on.
Once you know the school’s requirements for uniforms, get shopping. Allow for a certain amount of shrinkage especially for school polo shirts. You do not even need to drag your child to area stores unless you are unsure of their size.
Take them to your local Wal-Mart, JC Penney, Target or Sears and have them try on clothing. If they do not have everything that you need; the right colors or size, you can always finish your shopping online. Sometimes you can find significant savings on school uniforms this way.
Before you head out to your local mall, check out these store websites for school uniforms. Oh, and don’t forget about gym clothes. Even schools without school uniform policies have strict guidelines on what students are allowed to wear for gym class.
Be ready for back to schooltime by getting organized and then get shopping smart for savings,moncler outlet uk!
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Don’t forget about school supplies! Check out this link for how to save on backpacks,moncler men jacket, notebooks and more.
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