Why Does The Jaw Crusher Pe900×1200 Temperature Rise?

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In the crushing industry, the application of jaw crusher pe900×1200 saves a lot of program processes for users, and shortens the construction cycle greatly. When jaw crusher pe900×1200 works, it produces heat itself. If the outside temperature was high, the device temperature would rise continuously. So what are the reasons for this phenomenon? This article will introduce why does the jaw crusher pe900×1200 temperature rise to you.1. calcium carbonate grinding machine The bearing temperature rise.
During the working process of the jaw crusher pe900×1200, if the lubricating status of the bearing part was not perfect, its temperature would rise. Then copper mining equipment south africa the whole device temperature rises. We should keep good lubricating condition of the bearing part. During the operation process, add proper oil to bearing according to the using instrument.
2. Friction heat.
The power consumed by friction turns silver mining process equipment into heat energy, leading to temperature rise directly. For example, the holder abrasion or the adapter sleeve movement. We should check the friction parts of the jaw crusher pe900×1200 termly, and change or maintain the broken parts.
3. The working strength is too strong.
Some users operate the jaw crusher pe900×1200 over-load, in addition, its working strength exceeds the normal value, the temperature of most parts will increase. We had better stop the jaw crusher pe900×1200 for a while after working for a long time. At the same time, do not operate the device over-load.