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But asking outright where the sword is would seem to run counter to it, wouldn’t you think?We don’t have a lot of time, Sul.Let’s continue to follow your first instinct and see what happens.At least for another day.Even now it was hard to tell.Attrebus turned in, but every time he closed his eyes, he felt his belly open and the wet, impossible gush of his innards into the basket of his arms.Sleep felt too near death, and after half an hour of lying there, watching the faint crack and glow of the flames, he rose, dressed in breeches and shirt, and quietly padded into the hall.He dithered for a moment, feeling vulnerable in the near-black.He’d thought he might explore a bit, but without a torch or lantern, he wouldn’t be able to see much.He took a few steps along the wall and stopped, not entirely sure why.
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Then he felt breath touch his face.SIX «Anything I can help you with, inspector?
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His nose took up most of his face, but his keen blue eyes were what drew your attention.You always wanted to get to the point, to the answer.I don’t expect you’ve changed that much.That’s rather your strong suit.Because the College of Whispers has the most up-to-date information on those things.